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 |  Mar 18 2012, 10:01 AM


Heading to the Palm Beach Barrett-Jackson auction is this 2004 custom Renntech Mercedes-Benz SL600 with a seriously flashy chrome coating. The “Chrome Edition” SL600 with a modified 6.0L V12 is the only example produced by Mercedes tuner Renntech.

All proceeds from the Renntech SL600 auction, which will be sold on April 5, will benefit the Doug Mansfield Foundation Trust. Those that followed the modified car scene will remember this SL debuting at the SEMA Show several years ago, shocking the world as the first of its kind with its chrome exterior treatment.

Along with the AMG Sport Package, the SL600 has plenty of upgrades from Renntech. Improvements include an upgraded ECU, TCU, carbon fiber airbox, and enhanced axle shafts. Both the transmission and suspension have been upgraded along with massive 15.2-inch, 8-piston front brakes, and 13-inch rear rotors.

There is no reserve set on the Renntech SL600.

GALLERY: Chrome Renntech 2004 Mercedes-Benz SL600


[Source: Barrett-Jackson]

 |  Jul 28 2011, 1:00 PM


Renntech is known to maximize performance out of every Mercedes-Benz model imaginable, and this time they’ve taken their talents to the SLS AMG supercar. Their new long tube headers adds 20-hp and 20 lb-ft of torque to the factory 563-hp and 480 lb-ft values. These long tube headers were engineered within Renntech’s state-of-the-art facility and features tri-metal, 200-cell catalytic converters and are ceramic coated to reduce heat in the engine bay.

In addition to the horsepower and torque gains, the SLS AMG gains a much throatier note from its naturally aspirated 6.2L V8 powerplant. The result is a finely tuned addition to the SLS AMG’s already remarkable performance and with Renntech’s brand name behind the product it’s guaranteed to last.

Check out a video of Renntech’s SLS AMG after the break.


renntech_sls_amg_1.jpg renntech_sls_amg_2.jpg renntech_sls_amg_3.jpg renntech_sls_amg_4.jpg

[Source: Speedlux]

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 |  Feb 25 2011, 4:17 PM


RENNtech over the decades has become synonymous with serious, hardcore Mercedes-Benz performance. And in 2008, to show off their customization prowess and vision towards performance, RENNtech built a one-of-a-kind GLK350 Hybrid Pikes Peak Rally Car. The concept vehicle had won the 2008 SEMA Show Mercedes-Benz tuner build-off competition, and RENNtech is freshening up for 2011 and its ultimate retirement.

RENNtech made the announcement that the GLK350 will retire to a place of honor in Mercedes-Benz’s Classic Vehicle Museum in Irvine, CA. This isn’t the first RENNtech vehicle that has found its way in there, with their first being the E60 RS project car built for Jerry Seinfeld.

To bring it up to 2011 acceptable standards, RENNtech had the entire exterior of the vehicle rewrapped with 3M’s Commercial Graphics Division black carbon fiber that also features a subtle red pin striping. This was the perfect match to RENNtech’s aggressively revised exterior modifications.

Keep your eyes out at the GLK350 will be toured for its last year prior to taking its rightful spot in Mercedes-Benz’s Classic Vehicle Museum.

Official press release and video available after the break.

GALLERY: RENNtech GLK350 Hybrid Pikes Peak Rally Car

renntech_pikes_peak_mercedes_g_class_1.jpg renntech_pikes_peak_mercedes_g_class_2.jpg renntech_pikes_peak_mercedes_g_class_3.jpg renntech_pikes_peak_mercedes_g_class_5.jpg renntech_pikes_peak_mercedes_g_class_6.jpg renntech_pikes_peak_mercedes_g_class_7.jpg

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 |  Oct 19 2010, 1:15 PM

Alright RENNtech, you got us good. When we first saw C74 Konzept in our inbox, our jaws dropped assuming that RENNtech went above and beyond, taking a Mercedes C63 AMG and overhauling the power plant to a 7.4L monster. But then we took a stab in the heart when we read the actual release to reveal that the “74″ refers to the 74-inch width of the rear wheel track. Not as exciting as 7.4L in a C63 AMG, but the project is still wicked, looks great and performs even better.

On the exterior, the body benefits from a full carbon fiber widebody kit along with a carbon fiber rear decklid spoiler, front splitter and rear diffuser. To give the C63 the look it needs now that it’s been widened, a set of RENNtech wheels are staggered with 19×9.5-inch size in the front and 20×10.5-inch size in the rear. And even more impressive is the fact that they outfit the wheels with 275/30/19 and 305/25/20 tires.

As for performance, RENNtech specializes in Mercedes-Benz and AMG tuning, so it’s no surprise that the 6.2L now pumps out 605-hp and 555 ft-lbs of torque. Performance upgrades include larger throttle bodies, upgraded camshafts, RENNtech’s ECU upgrade, stainless steel headers and ported and polished cylinder heads.

The brakes are also upgraded with RENNtech’s performance brake package and handling is enhanced with fully adjustable sports suspension and carbon fiber front and rear stabilizer bars.

Delicious… but hey RENNtech, why not build out a nice 7.4L AMG V8? Or another V12?

We’ll be sure to bring you more shots of the RENNtech C74 Konzept from the 2010 SEMA Show and until then, check out our preview of all the show cars here and see more pics after the jump:

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 |  Apr 21 2010, 2:47 PM


The Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series is one of the wildest rides on the market, but for those who want a little extra, Renntech has just the ticket. With an upgraded ECU, intercooler and muffler system, power jumps from a stock output of 670 horsepower to 801 horsepower. Even more impressive is the 1000 ft-lbs of torque put out by the Renntech car, elevating the SL65 from “mere” supercar status, to the highest echelons of the automotive world.

Only the Bugatti Veyron makes similar torque numbers, and its pricetag is more than double that of the SL65 Black Series. Renntech’s modifications add a $16,390 premium on top of the $246,299 retail price of the SL65 Black Series, but next to the $1,000,000 sticker of the Veyron, it looks like a bargain.

GALLERY: Renntech SL65


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RENNTECH to build 20 versions of 777 model to celebrate 20th anniversary

 |  Jan 15 2009, 5:01 PM


AMG boss Volker Mornhinweg recently repeated what he said a year ago by declaring that the horsepower war was indeed over. The last time he said it the Mercedes tuning experts at RENNTECH countered by announcing a 695 hp package for the 65 Series cars. This time they’re making their point even stronger by releasing a 777hp version of the iconic SLR.

That’s right…. 777hp!

There is more of a story behind the RENNTECH 777 than that, however. The supercar has actually been planned for quite a while and is the first of several special edition vehicles RENNTECH will release in 2009 to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary.

In order to get all that extra power – an addition of 160hp over the standard model – RENNTECH modified both the supercharger as well as the engine’s internals. Also key in the build was an upgraded cooling system.

With all that extra power RENNTECH engineers also reinforced the transmission and installed a new limited slip differential built by Japanese supplier OS Giken. The new diff can send up to 100 percent of the power to just one of the rear wheels – significantly improving the SLR’s cornering ability.

Most obvious, however, is the significantly redesigned exterior that looks considerably like the SLR 722 GT race car. RENNTECH designed the new aerodynamics using state-of-the-art CFD software – the same technology the company used to design the GLK Hybrid Rally Racerat the 2008 SEMA Show.

The RENNTECH 777 features a massive rear spoiler, a huge front splitter, a new hood and front bumper and even new side skirts that flow into significantly wider fenders.

In those fenders can be found a set of custom one-piece center-locking wheels.

RENNTECH founder Hartmut Feyhl had this to say about his latest creation: “It can be described as a street-legal track car, or something closer to what the enthusiasts were hoping for from the SLR, originally – which is more a successor to the McLaren F1.”

Feyhl also says that just 20 versions of the 777, (and of other 20th anniversary special editon models), will be built. “We intend to build a few different extreme vehicles like this for our 20th anniversary,” he says. “They are all very exciting projects, and we will be announcing them throughout the year, as they approach completion.”

Mark us down for a 666hp C63 Hartmut!


Official release after the jump:

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