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 |  Dec 09 2013, 10:45 AM


The first-ever season of the new TUDOR United SportsCar Championship is less than two months away.

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 |  Sep 05 2011, 3:00 PM

It’s no secret that the Swedes love their American cars. In fact, some of the best examples of classic Detroit iron in the world can be found there and some of the largest shows too; the Power Big Meet in Vasteras comes to mind.

Further adding to the mix, is this, the Swedish Camaro Cup; where 40 drivers in nearly identical prepped fifth generation Chevy pony cars duke it out in six races over the course of the season.

The Camaro Cup racers feature fiberglass body panels with an ABS front cap, while under the skin the chassis are actually developed in the U.S. by Howe Racing in Michigan. Propulsion comes from a GM Performance Parts’ ZZ4 crate motor based 5.7-liter small-block V8, though modified to meet series regulations; reported horsepower is around 445-hp, running on E85. Teamed behind each engine is a Richmond sourced Super T-10 four-speed manual gearbox.

Other features on the Camaro Cup machines include six-piston Wilwood front brake calipers and four-piston rears, teamed with AP racing and GM Performance Parts’ disc respectively, plus Öhlins adjustable coilover suspension and an available Aim MXL dash/data logger.

The Swedish Camaro Cup Committee has actually been working with interests in the U.S. with the possibility of organizing a few races over here, if it comes to fruition, who knows? Perhaps we could see an American Cup Series. Proof that sometimes, when it comes to American car culture, the Europeans can often teach us a thing or two.

Be sure to watch the video below. The sound of a whole field of small-block V8s at wide open throttle is not to be missed.


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 |  Oct 26 2010, 1:35 PM


One fun fact you may not know about the Porsche 911 – it’s the world’s best selling race car. According to Porsche, more than 1,400 Cup cars have been sold since their debut in 1998, and this year marks a big upgrade for the venerable, but still competitive racer.

The biggest change is a switch to the GT3 RS as a starting platform. This allows the 911 Cup to get the wider track and body, which also allows for bigger wheels, tires and brakes, and a more powerful 3.8L flat-6 engine making 450 horsepower.

The updated 911 Cup will make its debut in England in 2011, but you can hit the jump to read all about it, and peruse through the gallery.

Gallery: Porsche 911 Cup


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 |  Sep 17 2010, 2:30 PM

Things are already getting interesting in the sport compact motorsports world, and it isn’t even the off season yet. The rumor mill is churning on Redline Time Attack’s plans for 2011, but one thing has already been confirmed: the Pacific Tuner Car Championship Series is a reality.

MotoIQ has signed up as the official media partner for the Pacific Tuner Car Championship Series, and is helping bring a class of racing that will hopefully inspire others to participate. One thing that has really plagued Redline Time Attack’s growth over the year is the lack of excitement – especially when you have options such as drifting to watch, or even drag racing. The overall lack of wheel-to-wheel (or door-to-door) Touring Car-style racing has limited Redline’s growth as a spectator sport. But it looks like that’s all about to change.

The Pacific Tuner Car Championship Series will enforce a power to weight ratio and tire size to determine the class that you will run in. Instead of limiting the amount of modifications you can have on your car, or throwing you in some ridiculous class just because you opted for an engine swap on your car, MotoIQ’s brilliance will bring competitive wheel-to-wheel racing to the sport compact world.

So long as you meet the safety requirements to go wheel-to-wheel racing, your car will be classified based on its power to weight ratio. Currently there will be two classes, Tuner Over and Tuner Under. Tuner Under will field vehicles with a 12:1 power to weight ratio, while Tuner Over will field those with a 8:1 power to weight ratio. And in order to keep things equal based on the various vehicles in competition, tire restrictions will be put in place.

We’re extremely interested to see how this will all work out, especially on the basis of supplying a certified dyno sheet in order to classify your car. We’ll be guessing that some of those not-so-fun competitors will be sandbagging, but it’ll also be pretty easy to tell on the straightaways if someone is fibbing their horsepower figures. So hopefully rule enforcement will be strict to keep it a level and fun playing field for all. Will this bring Time Attack to the masses in an exciting way? Only time will tell, but we look forward to the growth of the sport.

[Source: MotoIQ]

 |  Apr 30 2010, 12:19 PM

Picture 1

Anyone who races a Honda Civic, Volkswagen GTI or other high performance front drive car is familiar with lifting the inside wheel when cornering hard. But these Fiat 500 racers take front-wheel drive handling dynamics to a new level.

The video in question, taken at the Oulton Park circuit, shows how dangerous oversteer can be. While the oversteer wasn’t exactly the desired effect, something like that can be recovered. From looking at the video, it appears the driver wasn’t able to exit the corner properly (watch his front wheels at about 8 seconds in and you’ll see the front wheels go straight for just a second), and headed straight for the curbing, launching him up on two wheels.

Admittedly, the video is a cool example of motorsport heroics, but stunts like this do not win races. See for yourself after the jump.

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 |  Apr 29 2010, 10:33 AM


The world of racing is a tough one to break in with. Sadly for some, no matter how much talent you have, unless you get a big break or have real deep pockets you might never get the opportunity you deserve. The Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving is looking to change that, offering a full ride into the 2011 Bondurant Championship Race Series for one extremely talented driver.

Hosting its first-ever Bondurant Driver Search on October 4-5th, 2010, Bondurant has partnered up with Championship Karting International to give a driver an opportunity to showcase their skills on the track. The Bondurant Championship Race Series is also fresh to the scene, launched in September of 2009 and sanctioned by ASA Racing. The series is built on helping drivers achieve their dreams with prizes packages including test days in a World Speed Motorsports Pro Formula Mazda, or even a Finlay Motorsports Daytona Prototype racer. Finlay Motorsports also lends a helping hand with driver management services.

Not everyone can simply waltz on up and participate in the driver search however. Bondurant has a list of requirements and the search is limited to only 20 participants:

  • $1,500 fee
  • Must be between 15-19 years old
  • Completed the following: Bondurant School’s 4-Day Grand Prix Road Racing course, 2-Day Advanced Formula Car Racing course or submit a qualified resume

The deadline to submit your entry is July 15th, 2010 and the 20 participants will be selected by July 30th, 2010. So if you have any interest, don’t waste another minute and get ready to shine.

Check out the official press release from Bondurant after the break.

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 |  Apr 05 2010, 10:49 AM


Over the last decade or so of competitive compact motorsports, imports have mostly dominated the market, be it drag racing, drifting or time attack/road racing. There are very few standout Euros in any of those fields and when one shows up it’s memorable. We  can recall when Turismo Technology built a shockingly cool 318Ti for the quarter mile back in the late 90s. It was so unusual back then that it graced the pages of more than a few different magazine publications. We can slso think of Andy Sapp, who was a crowd favorite in previous Formula DRIFT seasons, taking his BMW E46 sideways. And now there is Berk Technology’s BMW 135i that is entering its second season of Redline Time Attack competition with extremely impressive results.

Just over a week ago was the Redline Time Attack’s season opener at Buttonwillow Raceway. There was great anticipation from all the teams to see what off-season changes were made, who would attend, and who was going to be impressively quicker and faster. Berk Technology’s 135i made quite the splash last year, but never got itself a podium spot in the Street RWD class. During the off-season they made a lot of minor tweaks and it truly paid off. After some practice runs, Berk Technology’s driver, Mike Bonanni, blew the doors off their previous track record by over two seconds. They had broken the 2-minute mark with a time of 1:59.319 landing them a first place qualifier. The car had more in it and was even more impressive on its first time attack session. The 135i set a new track record for Redline Time Attack’s Street Tire RWD class with a 1:58.839.

Being the only vehicle in the Street Tire RWD class to break the 2-minute barrier for the event is quite the achievement. But being able to topple the atypical imports with a balanced European garners plenty of attention. This just proves how great and versatile of a platform the BMW 135i is and we look forward to see what Berk Technology has up their sleeves for the next Redline Time Attack event in Las Vegas.

[Source: Berk Technology]

 |  Mar 25 2010, 6:16 PM


Earlier today we reported that RealTime Racing would be taking their expertise to the new GTS class in World Challenge. So perhaps there’s a changing of the guard with a new manufacturer poised to enter the World Challenge Touring Car class – Scion

Toyota’s youth brand is no strangers to all forms of motorsports, sponsoring and fielding cars in road racing, time attack, drag racing and even drifting. Sure some of these cars aren’t even close to what you get off the lot as a commuter, but Scion has continued strengthened its brand and image by posting fast lap times and setting records. Two cars and three drivers will be campaigned throughout the season with all the world’s attention turned to St. Petersburg, Florida this weekend for the first race of the season.

The Scion tCs are equipped with a plethora of parts from OE Scion, TRD (including their supercharger, intercooler and big brake kit) and Dan Gardner Spec (DG-Spec), performance parts that Gardner has developed over three years of racing Scions. Gardner’s resume of racing includes 2009 championships in NASA PTC and WERC Endurance E1. His partner-in-crime for the No. 36 car will be Tom Lepper, veteran club and Grand-Am driver who took top honors in the US Touring Car Championship series in 2009. The second car, the No. 18 Scion tC, will be piloted by 18-year-old Robert Stout, 2009 NASA PTA National Champion.

Make sure to check out the full press release and a video of testing after the break. And be sure to have your TVs set and ready for the playback of this weekend’s event.

[Source: World Challenge News]

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