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 |  Oct 09 2014, 3:31 PM


Audi will be showing off its autonomous driving technologies at the German Touring Car Championship (DTM).

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 |  Oct 05 2014, 10:01 AM


The “something else” Tesla plans on announcing next week is reportedly an introduction to the company’s automated driving functions.

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 |  Sep 19 2014, 11:45 AM


California has issued a total of 29 permits allowing companies to test self-driving cars on state roads under newly-established rules in the first week of their implementation.

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 |  Sep 16 2014, 1:48 PM


California issued its first self-driving car permit for use on state roads today, marking a milestone in the journey toward mass market adoption of the technology.

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 |  Sep 15 2014, 6:32 PM


Autonomous vehicles will need more than fancy cameras and sensors to drive themselves.

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 |  Sep 12 2014, 11:15 AM


There will be more to the Tesla Model III when it arrives in 2017 than an “affordable” price and roughly 200 miles of driving range.

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 |  Sep 10 2014, 8:13 AM


Audi will debut its autonomous driving technology “very soon.”

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 |  Sep 04 2014, 2:24 PM


Toyota showcased several future safety technologies today during the fourth annual Toyota Advanced Safety Seminar.

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 |  Jul 20 2014, 2:29 PM


Through social media, some stories have a life of their own. has compiled a list of this week’s most shared stories through Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Luxury, exotic and technology were the trending topics this past week, with the debut of the 2015 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG coupe. News on the even hotter LaFerrari Spider and FXX also spread across the Internet while a survey revealing that autonomous vehicles will take over by 2035 was also quite popular.

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 |  Jul 18 2014, 8:02 AM


Self-driving cars may be on their way, but the FBI is wary of the technology and has legitimate concerns.

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 |  Jul 17 2014, 9:54 AM


Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said in the past that self-driving cars would be on the road by 2020, but in a new speech Ghosn rolled back those expectations.

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 |  Jul 17 2014, 8:05 AM

Nissan Announces Unprecedented Autonomous Drive Benchmarks

Seeking to steer drivers toward being ready to accept self-driving cars, Nissan will introduce two new technologies in the near future that will assume vehicle control at low speeds.

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 |  Jul 15 2014, 1:16 PM


The future of the automobile looks very different from what we know today, and one survey predicts that even the steering wheel will be gone by 2035. 

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 |  Jul 15 2014, 12:10 PM


Self-driving cars are no-longer solely in the realm of science fiction, as several automakers are working on a way to make cars drive themselves and make you just a helpless passenger along for the ride. Continue Reading…

 |  Jul 09 2014, 2:00 PM


Would you like it if your car already knew where you were headed and what you wanted to listen to on the radio before you even sat down in it?

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 |  Jun 04 2014, 12:15 PM


Were technology the only determining factor in delivering autonomous vehicles, autonomous vehicles would arrive in 2018.

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 |  May 30 2014, 8:32 AM


Google’s prototype of a self-driving car might not look serious, but a major automaker believes they can become competitive in the automotive marketplace.

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 |  May 28 2014, 8:02 AM


Move over Toyota, Google has built its own self-driving car.

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 |  May 20 2014, 5:22 PM


Self-driving vehicles are creeping toward public adoption at a not-so-slow pace and the California DMV just announced rules that bring them closer to the mass market.

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 |  May 19 2014, 9:03 AM

Google Autonomous Car

For the last five years Google has been hard at work developing self-driving cars. The technology company has made enormous strides over the last half a decade but there’s still a lot more to do.

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 |  Apr 29 2014, 1:02 PM


If you happen to be in Gothenburg, Sweden there’s a chance you’ll see a self-driving Volvo vehicle.

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 |  Apr 28 2014, 9:02 PM


Whether you like it or not, self-driving cars are coming. 

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 |  Apr 25 2014, 10:04 AM


Self-driving cars are coming, but will you ever own one? One analyst at Ford believes that these robot-chauffeurs will become common commuter cars rather than toys for rich people.
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 |  Mar 11 2014, 11:30 AM

Volvo Self Driving Cars

Arguably autonomous cars are the next major hurdle facing both automakers and supplier companies. It seems like the entire industry is working on self-driving vehicles, including Volvo.

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