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 |  Nov 04 2009, 3:45 PM


The Lingenfelter Trans Am Concept wasn’t the only TA on display at the 2009 SEMA Show, with Kevin Morgan Designs debuting its version of the iconic car. Based on a slightly more modern interpretation of the Trans Am, the Kevin Morgan car takes its cues from the 1977-’78 model and is based on the all-new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro.

The car certainly looks aggressive with a low slung front air dam and a massive gold Screamin’ Chicken on the hood. And of course, there’s a big ducktail spoiler and a stylish set of golf mesh wheels.

The team even went so far as to built a classic Pontiac logo into the car’s new front end.

On the whole, we like it more than the Lingenfelter design, although the gold interior accents are definitely excessive.

Kevin Morgan Designs has announced a deal with the Trans Am Depot and is expected to start offering the Phoenix Trans Am conversion in the near future.

GALLERY: Kevin Morgan Designs Trans Am


 |  Nov 04 2009, 3:21 PM


It wouldn’t have been our choice, but a panel of judges awarded the team at Mummbles Marketing as the Scion Tuner Car Challenge winner for their Teal Blue Pearl xB. Looking more like something we might have seen at SEMA in 2003, the Mummbles xB features a 9-piece widebody kit from BRS Autodesign with  shaved door handles. Seibon provided plenty of carbon fiber bits outside, while NRG has outfitted the interior with new seats, harnesses, a steering wheel, shift knob and parking brake lever. Under the hood, there’s a powerful Descendant turbocharger system.

Along with the glory and a stylish carbon fiber trophy, the Mummbles team gets a check for $10,000.

The runner up prize goes to the Bowls entry, which is easily the most creative xB f the group.  It takes design cues from the Japanese El Camino – a 1970 Toyota Crown pickup. Along with a custom trunk conversion, roll cage and special ADF 20-inch wheels, under the hood there are Crower cams, a TRD clutch and limited slip differential, as well as TRD brakes, a front strut tower bar and rear stabilizer bar. Also included is an Air Lift Company digital air ride kit.

Placing third out of third is the xB of Eneri Abillar. Much like the winner, it features a BRS widebody kit, along with plenty of custom modifications. Added goodies include a Greddy turbocharger, TRD strut tower bars and illuminated door sills, while the interior features a hard wood floor.

GALLERY: Scion Tuner Challenge Cars


 |  Nov 04 2009, 3:14 PM


The Mopar performance department at Chrysler went all out in building the Mopar Jeep Lower Forty, which is designed to deliver serious off-roading – just the way Jeep drivers like it. Starting life as a two-door Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, the gear-heads at Mopar decided to add on a set of 20-inch Mopar wheels and 40-inch tires, while keeping the car’s center of gravity as close to stock as possible. In order to do so, some serious body modifications were necessary, including moving much of the chassis higher into the vehicle. As a result, almost three inches had to be removed from the windshield, while the one-inch wider fender flares now sit 4-inches higher.

But the modifications didn’t stop there. Under a carbon fiber hood sits a 5.7-liter HEMI V8 and a Getrag six-speed manual transmission. To get all that power to the ground are new front and rear axles with 5.38 gears and ARB air lockers.

Other highlights include an integrated roll cage and in place of carpeting, the Mopar guys opted for a spray-in truck bed liner.

GALLERY: Mopar Jeep Lower Forty


 |  Nov 04 2009, 2:59 PM


NASCAR racing team Hendrick Motorsports chose the SEMA Show to officially debut its limited edition run of Camaro SS models, built to celebrate 25 years in the business. Called the Hendrick Motorsports 25th Anniversary 2010 Camaro SS, each car will be built by famed Corvette tuner Callaway Cars. The ZR1-inspired muscle car was displayed prominently at the General Motors booth.

The package include a stylish aerodynamics kit with a front splitter, side skirts, rear spoiler and diffuser all made of carbon fiber. Another very cool item is the ZR1-styled hood that not only makes room for a little extra something, but lets you take a look at it too. The clear opening gives view to an Eaton TVS supercharger that raises the Camaro’s output from 426-hp to 582!

Additional modifications include Callaway springs, shocks and anti-roll bars, as well as a stylish set of Callaway wheels.

The vehicle is rated at a 0-60 mph time of 3.9 seconds with a quarter mile pass of 11.89 at 120.1 mph!

Just 25 Hendrick Motorsports 25th Anniversary 2010 Camaro SS models will be built for a price of $76,181 each.

GALLERY: Hendrick Motorsports 25th Anniversary 2010 Camaro SS


 |  Nov 04 2009, 2:49 PM


With the Wheel & Tire section at the 2009 SEMA Show drastically less impressive than in year’s past, Pirelli didn’t shy away and brought out a car that even frightens the Veyron. That’s right, the Italian-made Pagani Zonda… and not just any Zonda, but the Zonda R.

The R model is a track-only version and thanks to a complete carbon fiber body weights just 2,359 lbs. And motivating that chassis is a 6.0-liter V12 engine that makes 750hp and 524 ft-lbs of torque. Pagani claims a 0-60 mph time of just 2.7 seconds.

Getting all that power to the ground is made possible thanks to an ultra-light magnesium Xtrac gearbox, operated by paddle shifters. Gear changes fly by in just 20 milliseconds. To put that in perspective, the current fastest gearbox in a street car is found int he Ferrari F430 Scuderia, which changes gears in 60 ms.

Making the car a true track machine is the fully adjustable suspension, as well as adjustable aerodynamics. Pagani says the Zonda R can be set up to produce as much as 3,307 lbs of downforce – which is, theoretically, enough to to allow the Zonda R to drive upside down and still stick to a surface.

Alternatively, the car can be adapted for high speed, with a top speed rating of 217 mph.

As this is a dedicated track machine, the Zonda R comes equipped with a roll cage and an FIA homolgated racing seats with five-point safety belts.

Other state-of-the-art items include Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes and an inconel exhaust – the same sort of exhaust used of Formula 1 cars.

The Pagani Zonda R will be produced in a limited number with Horacio Pagani signing each vehicle. The cost of ownership is extraordinary, with an MSRP of 1,460,000 Euros or roughly $1.9 million.

And considering that price, please also take note of the idiot we captured in the photo above, giving the carbon fiber fender a good knock with his fist. If you know this guy, please do the same to him…

GALLERY: Pagani Zonda R


 |  Nov 04 2009, 2:39 PM


Along with a host of wild and wacky Camaros at the General Motors booth at SEMA, the General also built five in-house muscle cars that are noticeably more subtle. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t as impressive. In fact, one of the most original Camaros of the dozens on display at SEMA is included in this bunch. Called the “Jay Leno Camaro” this car was designed by the famous late night prime time comedian himself. At first it doesn’t look all that special, but in true Leno style, the real surprise is under the hood. There you’ll find a V6 in place of the big 6.2-liter V8. That might sound underwhelming, were it not for the two Turbonetics T-3 turbochargers that help boost the V6 engine to about 425-hp (the same as the Camaro SS). Under normal driving conditions, the engine gets V6 fuel-economy, but when required it delivers performance like the V8.

Next up is the Camaro Synergy, which, believe it or not, is a color that Chevy will offer for the Camaro in 2010. Much of the rest of the car’s add-on parts can also be bought though your local Chevy dealer, including the 21-inch wheels, ground effects kit, Cyber Grey Rally hood stripes and a cold air intake. Chevy also plans to offer the rear spoiler in the near future. Along with these modifications, the Camaro Synergy also gets a Pedders coilover kit, Brembo brakes and a custom Jet Black and Synergy Green interior.

Another favorite of ours is the Camaro Chroma, in Summit White with a nice silver stripe package. All the parts on this car are either currently offered through GM or will be offered in the near future. Those parts include a set of 21-inch wheels, a “Blade” rear spoiler, a ground effects package, rear fender graphics and a new front grille. There’s also a cold air intake, shorty headers and a performance exhaust, as well as a Victory Red engine cover and Hurst short throw shifter.

The Camaro Dusk concept is designed to be sporty and sophisticated, with much of the car’s highlights being inside the cabin. The interior gets a stunning Jet Back and Sedona leather treatment that really helps class-up the car. It also features plenty of convenience options for younger buyers with a Boston Acoustics sound system, an iPhone cradle and WiFi connectivity. Outside there’s a custom ground effects package that Chevy says may enter production. Other highlights include a set of 21-inch BBS wheels, a lowering kit and an SS spoiler. To help give the car’s exterior a more premium look, many of the exterior details have also been painted to match the color of the wheels.

Finally, there’s the Camaro Graphics car, which will showcase one of four potential new grahics packages on each of the four days of the SEMA Show. Chevy launched a graphics campaign in October to let customers and enthusiasts choose the next graphics package and this car is being used to showcase the four finalists. Chevy also launched a Facebook page ( dedicated to the campaign where you can vote for your favorite.

GALLERY: The Jay Leno Camaro


GALLERY: Camaro Synergy


GALLERY: Camaro Chroma


GALLERY: Camaro Dusk


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 |  Nov 04 2009, 1:14 PM


Inspired by Chevy’s highest performance vehicle, the Corvette ZR1, the Silverado ZR2 concept gets plenty of high performance options, like a supercharged LS motor and plenty of carbon fiber. Unveiled at the SEMA Show, this extended cab/short box truck also boasts a massive new front grille, carbon fiber fender flares, a four-inch suspension lift, a BDS shock set, 20-inch wheels and a set of 35-inch Goodyear Wrangler off-road tires.

Carbon fiber was also used for the hood, front fenders, rocker extensions and the tailgate, and is easily visible thanks to a clearcoat. Other body components are painted Dune Metallic, to help the trunk blend in when hopping sand dunes on the Baja Peninsula.

Under the hood there’s a GM Performance Parts Supercharged LS engine that produces 550-hp!

Rumored to be a possible precursor to a Ford F-150 Raptor competitor, the folks at Chevy aren’t talking, but Chevy brand VP Brent Dewar has said that some of the trucks components are being explored for use on future models.

GALLERY: Chevrolet ZR2 Concept


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 |  Nov 03 2009, 7:59 PM


On display at the Nitto tires booth at the 2009 SEMA Show is a modern interpretation of the Pontiac Trans Am. Based on a 2010 Camaro, the car was designed and built by the Corvette and Chevy tuning experts at Lingenfelter. The car takes cues from the 1971 second-gen TA and so in order to stay faithful to that car Lingenfelter decided to equip it with a 445 cubic inch V8 engine. That engine, claims Lingenfelter, makes a whopping 655-hp!

The car will also sports a duck-tail spoiler, fender vents, a twin-port front grille, 20-inch honeycomb wheels and the obligatory screamin’ chicken (although it is rather small). There’s even a retro-styled interior with a blue dash and blue leather, stitched in bars on the seats – just like the old days.

Called the Lingenfeler LTA (Lingenfelter Trans Am) Concept the car is a one-off, but there is certain to be huge demand for the car – especially considering the popularity of the new Camaro – so a limited number of production models is a definite possibility.

GALLERY: 2010 Lingenfeler Trans Am Concept


 |  Nov 03 2009, 7:45 PM


Mopar always has a big display at the SEMA Show and 2009 is no different, with plenty of Mopar-modded Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles. One of, if not the, most impressive car on hand is the Dodge Challenger 1320. Named after the number of feet in a quarter mile, the 1320 is essentially a street-legal version of the company’s Drag Pak 1/4 mile racer.

Along with the stripped down body and interior, there’s a Mopar 426 cubic-inch, all-aluminum, HEMI V-8 crate engine under the hood with 556 horsepower and 540 ft-lbs of torque.

Other highlights include Mopar police wheels with street-legal Mickey Thompson drag radials, an adjustable coilover kit, six-speed manual transmission with a custom Dynatrac rear housing with Mopar Dana 60 internals, an ARB locking differential and an exhaust bypass system that keeps the car emissions legal on the street but re-routes the exhaust gases past the mufflers for the drag strip.

The car is painted in a non-metallic yellow paint (called Acidic Hue) with matte black graphics. There’s also a new hood, front splitter and new grille panel and headlight surround. As for the inside, there’s all sorts of good stuff, including Dodge Viper seats, a sport steering wheel and Hurst shifter. Much of the other interior amenities, like the center console and radio have been removed to reduce weight and help the Dodge Challenger 1320 deliver maximum performance.

Check out the gallery below for all the photos:

GALLERY: Dodge Challenger 1320


 |  Nov 03 2009, 7:40 PM


Dodge’s unveiled its custom Mopar Dodge Ram Bianco Image Vehicle at the SEMA Show today, possibly firing a warning shot at the Ford F-150 Platinum and letting he Blue Oval know that there may be competition in the luxury truck business. Ford’s F-150 Platinum caters more to ranch owners than ranch hands, and the Mopar Dodge Ram Bianco does the same.

Based on a Ram 1500 Sport with a 5.7-liter HEMI V8, the truck gets a slight boost in performance thanks to a Mopar cold air intake and dual exhaust system.

Modifications to the outside of the truck include a Mopar tonneau cover and fender flares, and a Mopar carpeted bedliner that is washable. There’s also a chromed grille to give the truck some extra bling. A Ground Force lowering kit gives the truck a more aggressive stance and better on-road manners with improved handling and less body roll. A set of massive 22-inch Mopar wheels and several coats of a special Arctic Ice pearl paint help complete the look.

Most importantly on such a luxury themed vehicle is the interior, which Mopar has outfitted with white and black Katzkin seats and matching door trim. The dual tone theme continues throughout the rest of the cabin with piano black and arctic ice accents. A Kicker audio system with a powerful subwoofer, amplifier and upgraded speakers help complete the package.

The whole idea might sound a bit silly to serious pickup drivers, but if there’s a market for it, this truck would most certainly sell.

Be sure to check out the full gallery below:

GALLERY: Mopar Dodge Ram Bianco


SEMA 2009: Kia Officially Announces Forte Koup Motorsports Program for 2010

Racing veterans Andy Lally and Nic Jönsson to drive for Kia in 2010 Koni Challenge series.

 |  Nov 03 2009, 7:16 PM


When we arrived at Kia’s SEMA Show booth, PR boss Alex Fedorak told us that we had guessed correctly – the big announcement, as we correctly surmised, was that Kia is going racing in 2010.

Kia will be racing in the Grand Am Koni Challenge series in a race prepped version of its Forte Koup, taking on competitors like the Honda Civic and BMW 328i. The company is expected to field a two car effort although just one vehicle has been confirmed. The announcement marks the first time Kia will go racing on U.S. soil.

Kinetic Motorsports built the car for Kia, using the same 2.4-liter 4-cylinder motor but tuned to around 220-hp.

Kinetic is no stranger to fielding successful race cars and so Kia also went looking for some seriously talented drivers and found them in Andy Lally and Nic Jönsson. Lally has been driving in the Grand-Am Rolex series and even won the 24 Hours of Daytona in the GT Class just last year. Lally also races in the NASCAR Nationwide Series, Craftsman Truck series, ARCA and Goodies Dash. Jönsson has numerous titles to his name with a long history in Grand-Am and ALMS.

“The Forte Koup is the latest chapter in the dramatic Kia brand transformation story, and the decision to enter into the motorsports arena was an easy one to make,” said Michael Sprague, VP of marketing at Kia Motors America.  “The Forte Koup’s performance-inspired styling and outstanding driving dynamics make it a natural fit for road racing, and competing in GRAND-AM’s KONI Challenge Series enables us to reach an entirely new and passionate base of automotive enthusiasts. We expect the Forte Koup to be a strong competitor in the GRAND-AM KONI Challenge Series starting with the first race in Daytona.

Kia is looking to build itself as a performance company and the Forte Koup as a performance car and plans to use this racing initiative to do just that. In speaking to some of the people involved in the Forte Koup race car build, we should expect to see Kia offer performance parts and accessories through its dealership network in the near future.

GALLERY: Kinetic Motorsports Kia Forte Koup


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 |  Nov 03 2009, 6:56 PM


Garnering more than just a few stares at the 2009 SEMA Show was the Lingenfelter 2010 Camaro. The car looks stunning with a complete aero kit including a more aggressive front and and a new hood.

And look more aggressive it should, with plenty of power on tap. Being Corvette experts, the team at Lingenfelter decided to toss the factory 6.2-liter V8 in favor of the Z06′s 505-hp 7.0-liter LS7 engine. But that’s not all. Also known for their expertise in forced induction, the boys at Lingenfelter have also strapped a supercharger to the big 427 to make no less than 750-hp.

The engine has even been built up to take all the extra boost with JE Pistons, titanium intake valves and Iconel exhaust valves – the same material used for making Formula One exhaust systems.

For the build Lingenfelter teamed up wit the suspension experts at Hotchkis for what they call a, “Total Vehicle System,” complete with springs, sway bars and a subframe brace – which is sure to be needed with 750-hp and (we imagine) an equal amount of torque. The shocks are a Lingenfelter/Sachs combo. On to of these addition, there’s a big set of Brembo bakes, big 20-inch Pirelli tires on LPE wheels and a pretty wild aero kit complete wit carbon fiber additions.

“Over the years we have been involved in dozens of OEM and racing development programs, but this one is special,” said Hotchkis Performance president John Hotchkis. “Lingenfelter builds some of the fastest, coolest and most refined domestic supercars in the world, and the fact that they asked us to help develop the suspension for a 200 mph Camaro and then offered to debut the car in our booth is very exciting. Everyone in attendance will certainly be impressed with this stunning piece of high-performance engineering.”

Hotchkis will also offer the springs, sway bars and a subframe brace individually or as a package.

GALLERY: Lingenfelter Camaro


 |  Nov 03 2009, 6:51 PM


Along with a selection of new vehicles outfitted with the company’s factory accessories, Honda also has on display a selection of vehicles highlighting the company’s successful past on the road and in motorsports. Included in that lineup are three particularly old school vehicles, including a 1974 Civic, an ’84 CRX and a ’71 N600.

The N600 was the first vehicle Honda sold in the U.S. and featured a 598cc 2-cylinder engine. It made 36-hp at 6000 rpm but could rev all the way to 9000 rpm.

Sitting next to the N600 is a 1974 Honda Civic 1200 that was used as an SCCA race car. It was driven by Honda district sales representative Bob Boileau Jr. in the SCCA GT5 class and won six championships between 1985 and 1990. It also once held the title as the World’s Fastest Civic, having hit 146.698 mph at Talladega Superspeedway in 1976.

Rounding out the trio is a 1984 Honda CRX Mugen Prototype with all sorts of Mugen goodies like a Mugen 4-2-1 exhaust manifold, Mugen camshaft, Mugen dampers and wheels and a Mugen clutch-type limited slip differential.

GALLERY: Classic Honda Race Cars


 |  Nov 03 2009, 6:16 PM


Honda used the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) Show to announce the introduction of a new line of Mugen Accessories for the 2010 Accord. Mugen has long been known as a performance parts company, building special edition cars for Honda as well as assisting in the company’s motorsports programs.

The list of Mugen parts for the Accord include: 18-inch wheels, a new front grille and front lip spoiler, side skirts, a rear bumper valance, as well as floor mats, a machined aluminum oil ca and a special front emblem. The parts will be available through authorized Honda dealers and all body panels will come pre-painted in one of five Accord factor colors: Polished Metal Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, Alabaster Silver Metallic, White Diamond Pearl and Taffeta White.

“With a growing accessory lineup, now including Mugen kits for the Accord sedan and Fit, Honda is committed to supporting personalization of our vehicles into the future,” said Bruce Smith, VP of Parts Operations for American Honda Motor Co.

The complete lineup of Mugen Accessories for the 2010 Accord will be available starting November 11th.

GALLERY: 2010 Honda Accord with Mugen Accessories


 |  Nov 03 2009, 3:57 PM


Hyundai couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate venue for the launch of the tuner-friendly Genesis Coupe 2.0T R-Spec than the SEMA Show. Shown for the first time at the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas, the R-Spec model gets all the goodies included in the excellent Track pack, but without all the added luxury features, making it not only lighter but much cheaper than you might exepct. Hyundai has priced the car from $23,750, which is $3,000 less than the standard Track model.

Hyundai calls the car a, “perfect blank canvas for tuners.”

The R-Spec model includes such goodies as 19-inch gunmetal finished alloy wheels and performance tires, Brembo brakes and a Torsen limited-slip differential; but does without items like Bluetooth connectivity, automatic headlights, cruise control, trip computer, chrome interior accents and steering wheel audio controls.

The car also gets a set of front strut camber adjustment bolts. It will be offered exclusively with a six-speed manual transmission and will come with R-Spec badging. The Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T R-Spec will be available in three colors, Karussell White, Bathurst Black and Tsukuba Red.

GALLERY: Hyunda Genesis Coupe 2.0T R-Spec


 |  Nov 03 2009, 3:52 PM


To help promote Subaru’s in-house performance tuning department, the automaker build a custom WRX STI using only parts from the Subaru Performance Tuning (SPT) and STI catalogs. Unveiled at the 2009 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the SPT WRX STI makes 315-hp (up from 305-hp), thanks to an SPT exhaust system. Otherwise, the factory turbocharged 2.5-liter flat-four remains untouched.

Under the hood, there’s an SPT turbo heat shield and a selection of shiny bits, including a billet oil cap and battery hold down. Outside, the car also gets some extra style with a new front lip spoiler and exhaust finishers. Oh, and let’s not forget the 19×8.5-inch Prodrive GT2 wheels in Glitter Gold.

Wrapped in wear Michelin Pilot Sport rubber to help the car’s cornering abilities, the STI also gets some assistance from STI performance springs, an SPT strut tower brace and lower chassis brace.

Inside, the car is mostly stock with an added SPT boost gauge, a media hub audio system, an STI shift knob and some all-weather floor mats.

GALLERY: Subaru Performance Tuning WRX STI



 |  Nov 03 2009, 3:45 PM


As though Ford didn’t have enough going on at the 2009 SEMA Show, the automaker today announced two big updates for the amazing F-150 SVT Raptor. First up is official confirmation and performance numbers for the new, larger V8 engine. Possibly the only weak point in the Raptor was its relatively average 320-hp 5.4-liter V8 motor. Now, Ford has said a new 6.2-liter V8 with 411-hp and 434 ft-lbs of torque that will be available starting December 1st. The new, more powerful off-road capable truck will be priced from $41,995.

Possibly more exciting for the true off-road enthusiasts is news that Ford will also offer a new competition-ready FR Raptor XT, which is essentially the same vehicle that ran in the 2008 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000, but with the same comfort features of the standard Raptor. It will get the same 6.2-liter V8, but tuned to 500-hp, along with a six-speed automatic transmission and a suspension that allows for 15-inches of front travel and 18-inches of rear travel.

Ford will build just 50 FR Raptor XTs at a price of $99,950 each.

GALLERY: Ford F-150 Raptor


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 |  Nov 03 2009, 3:20 PM


Kept under wraps until today, Subaru used the 2009 SEMA Show to showcase the tuning possibilities for the new 2010 Legacy with a VIP-styled Legacy 2.5GT. In true Japanese VIP fashion, this Legacy 2.5GT gets a deep purple paint job, an air ride suspension and a set of 20-inch wheels wit a 4-inch lip.

To fit the big wheels, the car’s fenders had to be flared wit other modifications including a long list of JDM Legacy parts like a hood, bumper, grille as well as HID headlights and fog lights. The car also gets a roof spoiler as well as a rear decklid spoiler. In order to fit the smooth JDM hood, the Legacy’s top-mount intercooler was replaced with a Mishimoto front mount intercooler.

Factor Subaru Performance Tuning (SPT) parts were also included like an oil cap and battery tie-down.

The cabin gets a complete diamond-stitch leather treatment. The rear seat area was changed significantly with two bucket seats, two LCD screens and a huge audio setup.

Be sure to check out the full gallery below:

GALLERY: Subaru Legacy 2.GT VIP


 |  Nov 03 2009, 3:09 PM


Out of all the tuned vehicles at Subaru’s 2009 SEMA Show booth, we have to say the Legacy Wagon GTk is our top pick. Designed to bring together the best aspects of the Legacy sedan and the Outback wagon/crossover, the Legacy Wagon GTk was built as a capable autocross vehicle that can also carry a go kart in the back. And that’s just what it does with enough cargo room to fit a Coyote Motorsports XP kart.

Built by Specialized Vehicles, Inc. (SVI), with several parts like the rear spoiler and HID headlights donated from the Japanese domestic market (JDM) Legacy, the GTk also gets custom SVI parts like a new front bumper, quad-tipped exhaust system and a new vented hood.

Under that hood you’ll find the Legacy GT’s turbo 2.5-liter boxer engine that has been modified with a new exhaust system and a reprogrammed ECU to make 300-hp and 350 ft-lbs of torque – up from 265-hp and 258 ft-lbs. There’s also a six-speed manual transmission – yummy!

Subaru Performance Tuning (SPT) and STI parts were also tossed on, including an STI shift knob and SPT short shifter.

To make it a real autocross champ, the Legacy gets an SPT strut brace, Bilstein shocks, STI “pink” springs, 6-piston Brembo brakes up front and a 4-piston setup in the rear, along with a set of 19-inch HRE Comp wheels and 245/50/19 BF Goodrich Force-KDW 2 tires.

In the past, Subaru did offer a Legacy wagon, so here’s hoping this concept car creates enough interest for them to consider bringing it back.

GALLERY: Subaru Legacy Wagon GTk


 |  Nov 03 2009, 2:55 PM


With the SEMA Show barely open for a few hours, we’ve only seen a small portion of the vehicles on display and while we don’t want to jump to conclusions, it’s entirely possible that the Bomex Camaro featured in the General Motors booth is the most extreme Camaro on display.

Looking like some sort of super villain straight out of an episode of Power Rangers, Japanese bodykit manufacturer Bomex has created an ultra-aggressive aero kit for the 2010 Camaro, with numerous modifications and massively flared fenders that would make even the standard Camaro (already a massive vehicle)

Inside those big fenders are a set of 22-inch Dolce Euro wheels and some big Rotora brakes, with eight-piston front calipers and four-piston rear calipers.

As extreme as the exterior is, the interior is actually a marked improvement over the Camaro’s otherwise bland cockpit, with leather and diamond-quilted Alcantara in both red and black.

A Bomex representative told us this one-off car was custom made for the SEMA Show, but that Bomex will offer a more subtle aero kit for the new Camaro in the future.

GALLERY: Bomex 2010 Camaro


 |  Nov 03 2009, 2:33 PM


After much anticipation, Rhys Millen Racing has finally unveiled its mid-engined V8-powered Genesis Coupe at the 2009 SEMA Show. The RMR460 gets its name from the powerful Tau 4.6-liter V8, that has been borrowed from the Genesis Sedan. But RMR wasn’t satisfied with leaving the engine stock, instead choosing to upgrade the engine’s internals (with things like JE pistons) ad a set of eight individual throttle bodies for optimum throttle respponse and power. Output is rated at 500-hp!

Finally, a new transmission was needed to get all that power to the rear wheels and for that RMR went to Mendeola for a five-seed sequential box that allows the car to reach a top speed of 182 mph!

Additional modifications include an RMR Signature Edition Kit, a carbon fiber rear spoiler and rear hatch, Sparco seats and 20-inch HRE 560 series wheels, with some big 285/30/20 rear Toyo T1R tires.

GALLERY: Rhys Millen Racing RMR460 Genesis Coupe


 |  Nov 03 2009, 2:15 PM


Easy one of the most eye-popping cars at Ford’s SEMA Show booth is the Vaughn Gittin Jr. RTR-C 2010 Mustang – and that’s saying a lot considering Ford’s massive presence at this year’s show. With a complete carbon fiber body, all we know is the folks at German tuner Mansory (know for building cars like a full carbon bodied Porsche Cayenne and Aston MArtin DBS) would give this car respect.

Named for championship drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr., the car was built by Autosport Dynamics (ASD) in Charlotte, NC. Along with the full carbon body there is also a set of carbon fiber HRE wheels and even some in-car adjustable shocks.

Only a limited number of these cars will be built and at a cost of $135,000, we don’t imagine there’s a waiting list.

GALLERY: Vaughn Gittin Jr. RTR-C 2010 Mustang


 |  Nov 03 2009, 2:00 PM


The truck isn’t even for sale yet, but Ford shipped one of its new Super Duty pickups to tool maker DeWALT, to build a custom work vehicle for the 2009 SEMA Show.  The simply massive truck gets special items like a winch, special cargo compartments on the outside of the truck’s bed and even a small crane designed to move heavy cargo (like a generator) into and out of the bed.

In looks more like something that might be in a Transformers movie – which makes it a perfect fit for the SEMA Show.

Along with all these custom goodies, the DeWALT concept also gets everything that will make the 2011 Super Duty the leader in the big truck class, including an all-new 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 with a new 6R140 heavy-duty TorqShift six-speed automatic transmission with Ford’s SelectShift function so drivers can choose gears just like on a manual transmission. This new tranny also gets a Tow Haul option with integrated engine exhaust braking.

Another amazing feature is what Ford calls Live Drive PTO (Power Take Off), which allows auxiliary equipment like snowplows or salt spreaders to be powered through the transmission. Ford is the first company to bring this technology over from agricultural machines.

Of course, the Super Duty will also get a long list of Ford’s impressive truck technology, like Hill Start Assist, Hill Descent Control, Trailer Sway Control, Trailer Brake Control and, of course, Ford’s AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control.

In addition Ford will offer it’s exclusive Ford World Solutions program which now comes with a 4.2-inch LCD screen between the truck’s gauges, which will display relevant information to the driver about things like fuel-economy or the status of the fifth wheel hook-up.

GALLERY: 2011 Ford Super Duty DeWALT Contractor Concept


 |  Nov 03 2009, 1:42 PM


With some of the wacky Camaros over at GM’s booth, the Yenko Camaro concept at the OER booth looks rather unassuming – but isn’t that what a Yenko is all about after all? With the Yenko name owned by General Marketing Capital Incorporated (GMCI), the company has decided to resurrect the brand and hopes to begin production of Yenko models once again.

The first step in that process is this car, the Yenko/SC concept. Along with a subtle aero kit and graphics package, the 2010 Yenko Camaro gets a new set of 22-inch SYC wheels, StopTech brakes, a MagnaFlow exhaust, a Hurst shifter and (as the name suggests) a supercharger under the hood.

Yenko marketing director Ray Yager told us that while a lot of folks might be looking for an engine swa (in true Yenko style), the idea for Yenko Camaros was to make an affordable performance car. Needless to say, a GM crate engine is far more expensive than the MagnaCharger blower currently under the hood. And the result is still a very impressive 600-hp.

Yenko hasn’t confirmed if it will start building Camaros again but the company is hopeful and is looking for partners. And what better place to do that than at the SEMA Show.

GALLERY: 2010 Yenko Camaro/SC