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 |  Jan 14 2014, 3:02 PM

lamborghini Aventador J

Far more than just special edition models, Lamborghini has made headlines over the past few years by launching extremely limited edition versions of wild supercars. Like the Veneno and Sesto Elemento, there will be more hypercars to come confirms company R&D boss Maurizio Reggiani.

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 |  Nov 27 2013, 8:31 AM


Automotive enthusiasts that attended the Super Trofeo World Final at the Vallelunga Circuit near Rome were in for a treat.

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 |  Jun 17 2013, 9:32 AM


Look out for another concept car from Lamborghini this fall at the Frankfurt Motor Show if the latest rumors prove to be true.

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 |  Jun 09 2013, 2:55 PM


The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is a track-only Italian exotic, and getting the chance of seeing it in person is slim considering only 20 units will ever be produced.

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 |  Feb 05 2013, 5:15 PM

Tight-lipped about the car it will bring to this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Lamborghini says only that it will be the fastest car in its history.

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 |  Jan 07 2013, 4:02 PM

Building a car capable of a 2.5-second 0-60 sprint doesn’t need to be terribly complicated, but making one that does more than that does.

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 |  Aug 17 2012, 4:51 PM

Lamborghini‘s Sesto Elemento hypercar is such a special vehicle, that Lamborghini had to make a unique factory just to produce them. The Italian exotic car maker has brought one along to Pebble Beach just to show how special it really is.

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 |  Aug 09 2012, 3:34 PM

Lamborghini just announced that it will bring both the $2.2 million dollar Sesto Elemento track car and the Urus SUV concept to this year’s Monterey Classic Car Week for their North American debuts.

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 |  Jul 05 2012, 8:15 PM

Lamborghini announced a new facility today that will allow the brand to focus more pointedly on limited production specialty models.

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 |  Jan 26 2012, 9:30 AM

A long while back, Italian exotic automaker Lamborghini made a bold claim that it would have something new for every major auto show. And now reports are coming in that Lamborghini will not just have one, but two debuts at the upcoming 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

One of the reveals will most certainly be the production model for the Aventador Roadster, a rumor that we had reported back in December of last year. The convertible exotic undoubtedly features a 700-hp, V12 powerplant and would be more than enough for an auto show debut. But Lamborghini clearly wants to take the center spotlight at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, so it’s believed a second vehicle will also make its way to center stage.

There’s unfortunately no confirmation as to what the second vehicle will be (where’s the fun in that?) but rumor has it that it could be a production variant of the Sesto Elemento or Lamborghini could just release yet another special edition Gallardo model.

But better yet, what if Lamborghini has an entirely new model set to debut at this year’s show? Perhaps Lamborghini has kept the Gallardo’s replacement under wraps, or maybe even a sedan or crossover will make its presence known. Whatever it may be, you can bet will be there to cover it live as it happens.

[Source: Teamspeed]

 |  Sep 20 2011, 3:00 PM


From the moment Lamborghini made its foray into sports car manufacturing, they have been masters of stunning the audience. It is exciting to hear, then, that the recent masterpiece from the Raging Bull, the Sesto Elemento, will not be the last of the hyper-limited edition Lamborghinis to be built.

From Miuras to Murcielagos, hardly any automaker comes close to Lamborghini’s level of insanity. Lamborghini cranked it up to eleven when they unveiled the Reventon concept at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show, producing twenty of them for 2009 at more than $1 million a pop.

Then, Lamborghini captivated the crowd once again at the 2010 Paris Auto Show with the raw and mighty display of the Sesto Elemento. Showcasing one of the most advanced and complex carbon fiber architectures in the world, the Sesto Elemento delivers a V10 packing 570 horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque fitted inside a mere 999kg (2,202 lbs) package. This combination propels the special Lambo from zero to sixty in only 2.5 seconds. To the satisfaction of extremely wealthy car enthusiasts around the world, Lamborghini will sell twenty track-only examples to their customers for a very hard to believe $2.6 million, more than double the price of the Reventon.

To this, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann responded, “Once in a while we should do one-offs or special editions… In this case, we made the concept and then got enough interest in it to make a limited run. If the car meets the image of Lamborghini and there is demand, we will build them… The key is that every car we build meets the emotional standards of our company, and that it is profitable. We build cars of dreams for car lovers, and that must stay core to the brand.”

There are no definitive details on Lamborghini’s next exciting project.

GALLERY: Lamborghini Sesto Elemento


GALLERY: Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Debut


[Source: Autocar]

 |  Aug 03 2011, 9:13 AM

Rather than sit back and fill orders for the Aventador, Lamborghini is preparing a new “super sports car” that will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this Fall.

The maker of exotic Italian supercars has just sent out invites to its Frankfurt press conference, titled, “Lamborghini. Racing Towards Frankfurt.”

The motorsports hint would seem to suggest a production version of the Sesto Elemento concept that was first shown at the Paris Auto Show last year. Previous reports had indicated that the Sesto Elemento could head to production but only as a limited edition model and only for track use – similar to Ferrari models like the 599XX.

The Sesto Elemento features a carbon fiber chassis and weighs just 2,202 lbs. When paired with a 562-hp V10 engine Lamborghini claims a 0-60 mph time of just 2.5 seconds.

GALLERY: Lamborghini Sesto Elemento


[Source: GTSpirit]

 |  Mar 29 2011, 12:28 PM


In the market for a rare and exotic piece of Italian machinery? Then how about the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.

Lamborghini has yet to officially confirm that its carbon fiber concept car will see production, but that might be irrelevant at this point as Symbolic Motor Car Company in San Diego, California has announced it is accepting orders for the carbon chassis Gallardo. According to the company’s website just three of the cars have been earmarked for the U.S. They even list a delivery date of July 15.

Thought to be a track-only exotic the Sesto Elemento is named after the sixth element in the periodic table of the elements – carbon. This is due to the extensive use of light-weight carbon fiber, that allows the car to weigh just over 2,200 lbs. When combined with the Gallardo’s 562-hp 5.2-liter V10 engine, Lambo claims a 0-62-mph time of just 2.5 seconds – faster than even the new Aventador.

To order yours today, visit Symbolic Motors here.

GALLERY: Lamborghini Sesto Elemento


[Source: Auto123]

 |  Mar 18 2011, 2:23 PM

A forum member over at FerrariChat (ironically enough) has detailed what he imagines the next 10 years will hold for the raging bull. He predicts, in intricate detail, a plan for Lamborghini to build the Estoque sedan in 2014 andthe Sesto Elemento concept in 2012, which has fueled speculation as to how accurate this really is.

The story has caught the imagination of news sites around the world, but there has not yet been an official source from Lamborghini brass; the closest has come from hints dropped by Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann that he would like to see the Estoque enter production. The forum post illustrates that not only will the Estoque be built, but a convertible concept will be shown in four years. The post also mentions that the Sesto will be built in limited numbers, even though Lamborghini has already planned its production. The recently-introduced Aventador will see SV and upgraded versions as keeping with top-Lamborghini tradition, and there’s even a name for the potential replacement for the Gallardo: Cabrera, “after one of the foundational bloodlines of Spanish fighting bulls.”

With such meticulous info like this, it’s easy to believe this speculation as fact—and to be fair, Lamborghini built their last concept as the ultra-limited, ultra-rare Reventón. But the eagerness to promote this as connected with the company itself leaves behind many questions to Lamborghini’s business plan and models of secrecy: given the length of time it took for the Aventador to be revealed, they don’t seem particularly eager to detail their plans for the next 20 years. Even if they build only two models.

[Source: Inside Line]

 |  Jan 03 2011, 11:27 AM


Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini is just two-years away from celebrating its 50th anniversary as a car company, and according to recent reports it is working on something rather special for this milestone.

What will the new Anniversary model be is not clear at the moment. Some suggest it will be an all-new vehicle, but history has shown us that Lamborghini’s Anniversary models have always been based on their existing models. Remember the 25th Anniversary Countach, or the Diablo SE30 and the Murcielago 40th Anniversary Edition!

Currently, Lamborghini is working on the replacement model of the Murcielago, which is going by the name LP700-4 or Aventador, which will feature an all-new V12 engine. At last years Paris Auto Show, Lamborghini showed a lightweight supercar called the Sesto Elemento (above), which given its size and V10 powerplant suggests its based on the Gallardo platform.

So for now it is a guessing game as to what Lamborghini will unveil on its 50th anniversary, but we’re confident the end result will be something rather special.

[Source: World Car Fans]

 |  Nov 10 2010, 8:57 AM


Debuting as a technology concept, Lamborghini will reportedly put its wild ultra-light Sesto Elemento show car into production.

Debuting at the Paris Auto Show the car gets its name from carbon fiber, the sixth element – or sesto elemento in Italian. Weighing just 2,202 lbs it features a carbon fiber tub for the cockpit, while the front and rear crash boxes are also made of carbon fiber, as are the suspension components. In addition, there are carbon fiber wheels, carbon ceramic brakes and even an exhaust system made from a special mix of ceramic powder and synthetic resin.

With an interior that would make Colin Chapman proud, Lamborghini has designed seats into the carbon tub in a bid to keep weight to an absolute minimum.

In fact the only heavy things left on the car are integral to it being a Lamborghini, namely, a big engine and the company’s trademark AWD system. Sporting a 5.2-liter V10 engine with the same 562-hp output as the Superleggera, Lamborghini claims a 0-62-mph time of 2.5 seconds.

According to reports, Lamborghini will build as few as 5 or as many at 12 of these cars with a retail price of 2.5 million Euros or almost $3.5 million.

GALLERY: Lamborghini Sesto Elemento


[Source: Automotive News via Cartech]

 |  Sep 30 2010, 3:15 AM


After much anticipation, Lamborghini has finally released it’s Paris Auto Show debut – a carbon fiber concept vehicle dubbed the Sesto Element (Sixth Element). Weighing just 2,202-lbs, it is named after the sixth element in the periodic table of the elements – Carbon. And as mentioned, this is a serious carbon fiber machine, taking even the carbon fiber elements of such modern supercars as the McLaren MP4-12C and Lexus LFA to an entirely new level.

Along with a carbon fiber tub for the cockpit, the front and rear crash boxes are also made of carbon fiber, as are the suspension components. In addition, there are carbon fiber wheels, carbon ceramic brakes and even an exhaust system made from a special mix of ceramic powder and synthetic resin.

With an interior that would make Colin Chapman proud, Lamborghini has designed seats into the carbon tub in a bid to keep weight to an absolute minimum.

In fact the only heavy things left on the car are integral to it being a Lamborghini, namely, a big engine and the company’s trademark AWD system. Sporting a 5.2-liter V10 engine with the same 562-hp output as the Superleggera, Lamborghini claims a 0-62-mph time of 2.5 seconds.

“The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento shows how the future of the super sports car can look – extreme lightweight engineering, combined with extreme performance results in extreme driving fun. We put all of our technological competence into one stunning form to create the Sesto Elemento,” says Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of  Lamborghini. “It is our abilities in carbon-fiber technology that have facilitated such a forward-thinking concept, and we of course also benefit from the undisputed lightweight expertise of Audi AG. Systematic lightweight engineering is crucial for future super sports cars: for the most dynamic performance, as well as for low emissions. We will apply this technological advantage right across our model range. Every future Lamborghini will be touched by the spirit of the Sesto Elemento.”

That being said, there’s a possibility that the next-generation Murcielago and Gallardo models will use a great deal of this technology and it’s long been rumored that the successor to the Murcie would get a carbon fiber tub.

GALLERY: Lamborghini Sesto Elemento


 |  Sep 29 2010, 1:53 AM

For weeks Lamborghini has been teasing us with images of what many assumed was the next Murcielago. Our sources indicated that it would be a “technology concept” and that now appears to be the case with French site BlogAutomobile getting its hands on a single image and some particularly juicy information about what is to be called the Sesto Elemento.

Translated as the Sixth Element, this concept car shows just how far Lamborghini can take its light weight mandate, using carbon fiber for almost every aspect in order to reach a curb weight of just 2,200 lbs. And to make that number even more impressive, remember, there’s still a very big V10 engine located just behind the cockpit, enabling a 0-60 mph time of just 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 218-mph.

And speaking of cockpits, Lambo certainly seems to be carrying on with its Reventon “Jet Fighter” theme with this new concept – although as concepts go, the styling is quite tame. That can only mean one thing, however; that we’ll see a very similar model headed into production in the near future.

Check back Thursday, September 30th for AutoGuide’s coverage of the Paris Auto Show.

[Source: Blogautomobile via GTSpirit]