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 |  Sep 04 2012, 5:32 PM

Despite not being scheduled for sale as a North American model until 2014, the seventh generation Volkswagen Golf was officially revealed in Berlin today.

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 |  Jan 23 2012, 12:30 PM


The Volkswagen Golf will remain the best-selling car in Europe, but here’s the real news: it keeps the crown with a whopping 484,547 units sold.

Numbers might not mean much to most people, but this will put things into perspective: at 1.6 million units worldwide, BMW stood fast as the world’s largest luxury car brand. Those are worldwide sales figures. VW came close to the half-million mark in Europe alone and with just one model.

As far as American bravado is concerned, we can’t come close to touching those numbers. The top-selling car in the U.S. was the Toyota Camry with 308,510 units. To be fair, all you need to do is delve into the popular world of pickup trucks to find that the Ford F-150 sold about 100,000 more units in the States than the Golf did in Europe, but the fact remains that Volkswagen is killing the competition with their catchy compact.

If VW has its way, the Golf will remain in the top spot for its seventh generation— set to debut at the Paris Auto Show in September. Sales actually dropped by 2 percent last year, though such fluctuations are typical towards the end of a model cycle.

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 |  May 19 2010, 8:18 AM


Compared to Volkswagen‘s MkV Golf platform, the current MkVI is really more of a a large update than an all-new model – particularly in North America where some of the more exciting new items found in European models aren’t even offered. That is set to change for the MkVII (seventh-generation) model, however, with AutoExpress reporting an all-new, light weight platform, with design inspiration from the New Compact Coupe (above). The seventh-gen Golf will also spawn numerous models with obvious and obligatory three-door and five-door hatchbacks, as well as a wagon, a cabriolet and a four-door coupe.

As for engines a new line of turbocharged motors is expected, with 1.2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinders in Europe. Turbo 3-cylinders are also planned, with diesels that can achieve as much as 80-mpg. Both hybrid and electric models will also be a part of Volkswagen’s plan. And of course we can expect high-performance GTI, GTD and AWD Golf R models.

With the current MkVI still relatively new on the market, the next generation car isn’t due out until 2012 or at least 2013 in North America.

[Source: AutoExpress]