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 |  Mar 27 2012, 8:32 AM

257 miles per hour is fast. Hitting 257 mph in one mile from a standing start is just crazy.

The standing mile is a test of machine to see just how fast a car can go, within the confines of exactly one mile. The previous standing mile record was set at 223 mph, by a 2006 Ford GT. This past weekend the record was broken, by another Ford GT, which hit a top speed of 257.7 mph in one mile.

The Ford GT in question was tuned by aftermarket company Hennessy, and ran the standing mile with a twin-turbocharged 5.4 liter V8. The exact horsepower is not known for the car, but John Hennessy said at the event, “2000hp is a pretty safe bet.”

The GT ran in the street legal class, making it that much more impressive that a road ready car could hit those kinds of harrowing speeds.

Also running at the Texas standing mile, among others, was a fourth generation Camaro. The Camaro pulled off an impressive 253.1 mph standing mile run. Not quite enough to best the GT, but not bad at all.

Watch the videos below of the Ford GT and the Camaro running the standing mile.

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 |  Apr 08 2010, 2:44 PM


While AMS set the standing mile record for four-cylinders with its Evolution VIII at the Texas Mile, as well as a drag racing record earlier this year, the team at Boost Logic has been busy at work preparing their Nissan GT-R to set a standing mile record. Recently the team brought out its tuned GT-R to the twice-annual Texas Mile event to see just how fast it would go.

The Boost Logic GT-R entry tops the dyno at 823-whp @ 25 psi with Boost Logic’s twin turbo kit, intercooler with 3-inch piping upgrade, 4-inch midpipe and exhaust system, Jet Fighter exhaust tips and stage 1 fuel system. Safely relieving all the excess pressure are TiAL blow off valves. Tuning is taken care of courtesy Haltech’s engine management system while a Cobb Tune does the most important function – relieving the GT-R of its speed and rev limiters.

This combination was good enough to set the standing mile record for a GT-R at the Texas Mile held at the end of last month. Boost Logic’s GT-R was nailed going 203.6-mph at the mile marker and they feel that it’s just the starting point. Will we expect a little rivalry brewing with AMS and Boost Logic? We wouldn’t be surprised if AMS rolls out their GT-R for the next event to battle it out with Boost Logic. Should make things interesting!

The next dates for the Texas Mile are set for October 22-24.

See the video of Boost Logic’s wicked-fast GT-R after the jump:

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