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 |  Apr 02 2013, 11:21 AM


The Buick Encore has only been available since the start of the year and it’s already falling under a recall because the steering wheel could detach.

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 |  Aug 09 2012, 8:31 AM

 The new Lexus LS is the brand’s flagship, and is trying to stay true to the the original LS, which launched the brand with an obsessive commitment to quality. This latest video reveals the manufacturing process of the steering wheel, and shows the tradition is alive and well. Continue Reading…

 |  Apr 29 2011, 3:20 PM

You wash your hands after visiting the bathroom, but do you wash them after you finish driving? Perhaps you should. According to a new study, steering wheels carry more germs than a toilet seat – which begs the question, just what are we doing that’s so icky when we’re driving?

Thanks to the researchers at Queen Mary University, London, we’ll never touch a steering wheel with our bare hands ever again. They found that 700 harmful bacteria make themselves comfortable in the average car’s interior (that’s per square inch) – compare that to the 80 bacteria found the average toilet.

So how does all the ick pile up? The study looked into that for us and found that 42 per cent of motorists regularly eat during driving. Sure, that does seem so bad, but ass in the fact that only a third only clean their car once a year and 10 per cent said they never bothered to wipe down surfaces or vacuum, and you’ve got a germpalooza on your hands… literally.

The grossest part of your car is the trunk, with 1,000 bacteria for every one and half square inches. The most common form of bacteria found was bacillus cereus, which can cause food poisoning.”

Now that you know what a bacteria trap your car’s interior is, are you more likely to give it a good cleaning? How often do you clean inside your car now? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Source: IBN Live]

 |  Apr 12 2011, 4:28 PM

While we reported on the recall regarding the Chevrolet Cruze and its defective steering wheel issue, we didn’t realize just how severe the problem was until we saw video of the defect, and the very real consequences it could pose.

A Youtube user uploaded a video of one of the vehicles, which shows the steering wheel hanging on by a couple wires and nothing more. The car in question only had 1600 miles on it, and a mother, grandmother and 19 month infant were travelling in the vehicle when the steering wheel detached at 65 mph while travelling on a highway.

While General Motors is taking steps to fix the issue, seeing it in person raises a whole host of questions regarding the matter – namely, how the hell could this happen on a modern production car that’s otherwise well built?

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