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 |  Aug 09 2014, 8:09 AM


Some experts believe the upcoming Tesla crossover will outsell its already successful sedan.

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 |  Jul 21 2014, 7:18 PM


Tesla is gearing up to produce its next model.

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 |  Jul 18 2014, 8:32 AM

Stop The Teasing


Top 10 AutoGuide cars we're tired of waiting for

“Soon” is quite possibly the least satisfying answer possible, yet we hear it countless times about exciting new cars. Continue Reading…

 |  Jun 04 2014, 10:32 AM


A new sports car from Tesla is coming, but it won’t arrive for several years.

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 |  May 07 2014, 6:16 PM


Don’t expect to see the Tesla Model X on U.S. roadways this year.

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 |  May 07 2014, 1:32 PM

Tesla Model E Trademark Dropped

When Tesla’s more affordable electric car reaches consumers, it won’t come with the previously expected Model E name.

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 |  Feb 06 2014, 9:32 AM


Audi is readying a Q8 e-tron that will be built to rival the upcoming Tesla Model X.

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 |  Dec 17 2013, 8:32 AM


The Tesla Model X is scheduled to enter production late next year, and according to the brand’s chief designer, the automaker is putting its finishing touches on the crossover.

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 |  Nov 05 2013, 11:00 AM

tesla-model-x-01-mainTesla CEO Elon Musk let slip a few more details about the automaker’s upcoming electric SUV, the Model X.

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 |  May 31 2013, 11:31 AM


Tesla is looking to expand its product lineup, and besides a BMW 3 Series competitor with a Nissan Leaf price tag, the brand is also planning on bringing a compact crossover to market, both of which will ride on the same platform.

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 |  Mar 09 2013, 10:01 AM

As Tesla hopes to repay its DOE loan five years ahead of schedule, the American electric automaker will be delaying production on the Model X for at least a year.

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 |  Jan 15 2013, 9:25 AM

While we’ve seen the Model X electric crossover concept before, the vehicle sitting at the Tesla booth at this year’s Detroit Auto Show is sporting a few modifications.

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 |  Nov 15 2012, 12:02 PM

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk recently sat down with Motor Trend for an interview, and hinted that the company has plans for an all-electric supercar, as well as an electric truck.

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 |  Oct 11 2012, 5:32 PM

Tesla’s next project, the Model X crossover, is at least one step closer to reality thanks to a $10 million grant from the California Government.

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 |  Aug 02 2012, 2:30 PM

Going Electric



The Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf initiated a whole new movement in the auto industry. With the realization that an all-electric vehicle can be useful in everyday driving situations thanks to a large battery and more efficient fast charging technology, automakers are hopping on the electric vehicle bandwagon.

“Overall automakers want to be prepared,” says Devin Lindsay, an automotive powertrain analyst from IHS Automotive. “EVs are another tool for automakers to reach out to consumers” he says, mentioning that automakers are taking EVs seriously, rather than just putting a bunch of batteries and motors in an existing product.

It’s interesting to see how automakers make electric cars from the ground up to use only electric propulsion. For example Tesla and Cadillac are all making vehicles that will exclusively be used with an electric powertrain. Others are modifying their current successful vehicles to EVs. Lets take a look at the different EVs that will be arriving soon (or are already here), and learn a bit about the new technology behind it.

 |  Jul 12 2012, 10:20 AM

Development is under way at Tesla on the companies third model, which will be a direct competitor to the BMW 3-series. 

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 |  Jun 07 2012, 8:01 AM

Tesla just began delivers of its new Model S luxury sedan this week but already the American electric car makers is targeting strong sales for 2013.

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 |  Feb 15 2012, 2:15 PM

Tesla Motors unveiled its Model X all-electric SUV last Thursday and announced that the order books would open the following day. That Friday, the Model X racked up an impressive $40 million in pre-orders.

The debut generated serious industry buzz, thanks in part to the SUV’s unique doors. The falcon wings, which open like gull wing doors but also fold in the middle, give the rear seat passengers the ability to stand straight up in the second row of seats, making entry and exit easier.

Tesla Model X was the third most popular search on Google on the day of the reveal, showing us just how interested the public is in Tesla’s cars. The Model S sedan also saw a 30 percent increase in in pre-orders.

With all the negative talk about EVs lately, it’s refreshing to see an electric car making positive sales progress.

 |  Feb 10 2012, 7:14 AM

Well, it has finally arrived. After all the hype and teasers Tesla has unveiled its Model X all electric SUV at the Tesla design studio in California. Well, we thought it would be an SUV, but after having a look, its probably safe to say its more of a crossover than anything.

The model X is said to be a family vehicle with performance roots according to Tesla, and will hit the 0-60 MPH mark in under five seconds. A dual motor all wheel drive setup is available for the Model X, and when outfitted will have two separate electric motors, one driving each axle. Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO and co-founder said at the press conference that Model X has ”more room than a minivan, more style than an SUV and more performance than a sports car.” The crossover will come with two of the three available Model S engine sizes,using either a 60 or 80 kWh battery pack. Thanks to its added weight, the Model X will get 10 to 12 percent less range than the Model S. That will give the the Model X about 260 to 270 miles of range for the 85-kWh battery and 200 to 210 for the 60-kWh.

Thanks to its lack of an internal combustion engine, the Model X has storage in the rear of the vehicle as well as the front, with the “frunk” alone offering as much storage space as an Audi Q7.

One of the most interesting features on the Model X are the doors. Tesla calls this unique door design “Falcon Wings” and are building upon many other luxury cars utilizing the classic gull-wing design. The falcon wings allow passengers easy step in access to the second and third row of seats, and because they bend in the middle can be opened in tight spaces without worry of smashing up the car next to you. Tesla says that seating seven adults comfortably will be no problem, and entering and exiting the vehicle will be easier than ever before.

The Model X will begin production in late 2013 with deliveries beginning in early 2014. The Model X’s price is expected to be around $57,500.

 |  Feb 09 2012, 1:15 PM

The all-electric Tesla Model X will debut today at 8 p.m. Pacific Standard Time at Tesla’s design studio in California.

Mere hours before the official unveil Tesla founder and CEO, Elon Musk tweeted a new teaser photo which shows off what are being called the Model X’s falcon wing doors.

The new picture doesn’t give away much more than the first teaser photo did, but it’s doing the intended job: creating a buzz before the full unveil.

The falcon wing doors resemble gull wing doors like those found on the Mercedes-Benz SLS but claim to lift up and fold, offering easier access for rear seat passengers. We will have to wait and see exactly where Tesla is going with its new door design.

Be sure to check back here for coverage of the reveal.

 |  Jan 30 2012, 12:00 PM

The new Tesla Model X crossover will be unveiled officially on February the ninth, but for the restless Tesla Fan, teaser photos have been released which showcase just a little bit of the new crossover’s styling.

The teaser photo shows us the front design lines as well as a little bit of the front end, which looks reminiscent of the Tesla roadster, only in bigger bulkier crossover form. The unveil will take place at the Tesla Los Angeles based design studio on Feb. 9th. Check back on the 9th for tull coverage of the Tesla model X reveal.

Let us know what you think of the Model X in the comments section below.

 |  Jan 18 2012, 9:00 AM

After every auto show there’s normally a lull in new product news as media and PR folks alike decompress. That won’t be the case with this year’s Chicago Auto Show, however, with the reveal of electric car maker Tesla’s new crossover the day after the Chi-town press day.

The reveal won’t be anywhere near Chicago either with Tesla announcing yesterday it would reveal the new Model X at its Design Studio in California. The new model is expected to sit on a modified version of the same platform used for the Model S electric luxury sedan and make use of similar powertrains.

Tesla recently announced pricing for the Model S, which will start at 49,900 after a federal tax rebate. The top Signature package will retail for $69,900 after tax incentives and will deliver a 300 mile range plus a 0-60 time of just 4.4 seconds.

 |  Jan 06 2012, 7:30 PM

The Tesla Model X is something of an enigma, but thanks to some tweets that went out last month it sounds like it will be faster than a Porsche Cayenne and roomier than an Audi Q7.

Once again, thanks to internet chatter we’ve got some more information on this hum-dinger of an SUV. A member on the Tesla Motors Club forum said he read in the Barclays Capital research report that there would be an unveiling on February 9. According to a post by Autoblog earlier today, that date is now confirmed.

So far, Tesla has been leading the EV industry in style and performance, consistently proving that being without an internal combustion engine isn’t the end of the world, though it may be the end of your bank account. Their first release, the Tesla Roadster, is a head turner that makes you feel like Tony Stark. Next they released the Model S, touting it as the worlds first premium electric sedan. The Model X is sure to follow their attention magnet tradition.

[Source: AutoBlog]

 |  Oct 03 2011, 5:15 PM


Even though the Tesla Model S sedan has been delayed for far too long, with an expected reveal at year’s end before an official unveiling at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show.

The crossover, dubbed the Model X, will be based on the Model S platform. “The time is right to unveil the car,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk told Autocar. “I’ve seen the latest design for it and I’m very happy with it.”

Tesla manufacturing head touted the company’s modular platform and innovative manufacturing facility in California as the key to the company’s ability to offer a wide range of products. “We can build many models on the same line,” Passin said. “The Model S is just one ‘top hat’ on a platform that is very modular. All our pressing modules are very adjustable and we’re working on improving that flexibility even further and making it faster at the moment.

[Source: Autocar]