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 |  Jun 07 2011, 11:40 AM


Tesla‘s Model S sedan is looking ready for production, as evident by these new photos released by the electric car manufacturer. Based on its aesthetics alone, the Model S will be very competitive in the mid-size luxury market, featuring an aggressive front end with a very sleek and stylish body. Unfortunately we’re looking at a late next year sale date now and we’re hoping it’ll be worth the wait.

The Model S will be starting at $57,000 but will be supported by a $7,500 federal tax credit – which is a pretty nice incentive to get yourself behind the wheel. This base model will come with a 160-mile range battery pack, which should be sufficient for the every day commuter. Those looking for something larger can spend $67,000 for the 230-mile pack while the 300-mile pack will run you $77,000.

Those really interested in getting themselves a Model S should be ready to put their money where their mouth is. The first batch of Model S’ to be produced will all be 300-mile pack versions, and will be labeled as a limited-edition Model S Signature version. And for that, Tesla requires a real-life commitment of $40,000 – though it is a refundable deposit. Those interested in the cheaper versions merely have to leave $5,000 at the table.

GALLERY: Tesla Model S Alpha

tesla_model_s_alpha_1.jpg tesla_model_s_alpha_2.jpg tesla_model_s_alpha_3.jpg

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 |  Apr 30 2010, 4:56 PM


Tesla Motors is set to expand its lineup with the previously announced Model S sedan, as well as an all-new crossover. First up is the Model S sedan, due in 2012. It is expected to retail for $50,000, about half the cost of the Tesla Roadster sports car. By 2014, Tesla will introduce a replacement for the current Roadster, as well as a new crossover vehicle.

Elon Musk, chairman of Tesla, said that future vehicles will feature four-wheel drive, a 17-inch touch screen and the ability to swap batteries out in one minute. The cars will also have a range of 300 miles and the ability to achieve a five-star crash test rating.

Tesla also announced a deal to supply some electric vehicle technology to Mercedes-Benz for their A-Class and Smart compact cars. Tesla plans to supply other companies with similar technology and make it a cornerstone of their business.

[Source: Autoweek]