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 |  Oct 16 2010, 8:03 AM

Picture this: It’s Sunday, the early dawn hours and you’re cruising down an empty country road. You already know what’s under the hood of your new acquired ride, but you’ve yet to test what your new car’s stereo can do—save for the constant chattering of talk radio. It’s time for a little speaker blast, you say. So you plug in your iPod, load up your newest playlist (stocked with high-quality lossless FLAC files, of course), and crank the volume to 11 and the next thing you know you’re rocking out to the sounds of…  Joan Baez ?

Well, it’s either Joan or The Eagles. It doesn’t matter though, as this speaker test isn’t about your taste in music as much as it’s about testing your sound system’s fidelity. That’s according to Matt Kirsch, an audio engineer with General Motors, who recently published his personal Top 10 list of tracks he recommends using to assess the low ends, mid-ranges, and dynamic peaks of your car’s stereo system.

So while you might be a little offended by the presence of two back-to-back tracks by the Black Eyed Peas, they’re there to test the bass. The rest of the list includes a wide range of tunes from Johnny Cash, to Radiohead.

See after the jump for the complete list:

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