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 |  Dec 18 2013, 6:28 PM

Compact/Subcompact Cars: Toyota Prius IV


Just because a car is cheap doesn’t mean it’s a good value. Taking into account the five-year owner cost of a vehicle which factors in depreciation, fuel, insurance premiums, interest on financing, sales tax and cost for maintenance and repairs, a better picture is painted on whether or not a vehicle is a good bang for your buck. 

Consumer Reports has revealed this year’s best new-car value winners, which also takes into account the publication’s evaluation of the car. The less a vehicle costs to own over time, the better value it is.

Headlining the list is the best value car in the compact/subcompact category, the Toyota Prius IV. The Prius also takes home the accolade of being the best overall value for the second straight year.

According to Consumer Reports, the Prius costs just 47 cents per mile to own over five years. Of course there’s also the fact that the Prius gets 44 mpg overall, offering the best fuel economy of any non-plug-in car that the publication has ever tested. And though it’s not exactly the cheapest car on the market, its depreciation is so low that it costs less to own over five years than its initial MSRP. The Toyota Prius IV has a starting MSRP of $29,245 including destination.

 |  Feb 07 2012, 7:00 PM

Last month, Toyota alluded to the possibility that an Avalon Hybrid was in the works, claiming that a car under development would have “more space than a BMW X5, faster than a Volkswagen TDI and higher MPG than a Fiat 500.”

And now we pretty much have confirmation that the vehicle Toyota Division Group Vice President and General Manager Bob Carter was speaking about is the upcoming Avalon that will most definitely be employing the use of a hybrid system. Toyota executives at the National Automobile Dealers Association Convention promised that the all-new Avalon will “meet or beat” the 33-mpg combined rating of the Fiat 500.

Set to make its debut at the 2012 New York International Auto Show, the new Avalon Hybrid would be a huge improvement over the current 20-mpg city, 29-mpg highway offered in this generation Avalon. Chances are, Toyota will reach for their system seen in the Camry Hybrid that has 200-hp and a 41-mpg combined rating.

Toyota also announced at the event that they intend to release 19 new models (including the Avalon) in 2012 alone.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

 |  Jan 14 2012, 2:00 PM

Recently, Toyota Division Group Vice President and General Manager, Bob Carter, gave everyone a hint of what’s to come from the Japanese automaker. In an interview with War’s Auto he commented on a car that will have “more space than a BMW X5, faster than a Volkswagen TDI and higher MPG than a Fiat 500,” but wouldn’t disclose any more details.

This future model could be a brand new car, but by process of elimination and using Carter’s clues, there’s reason to believe that it could be a variant of Toyota’s Avalon in hybrid form. To have more space than a BMW X5, it’ll have to have an interior volume greater than 102.4-cubic feet. To best the TDI’s performance, it’ll need more than 140-hp and 235 lb-ft of torque. Lastly, the Fiat 500 is rated at 30-mpg city and 38-mpg highway, so a hybrid would definitely do that.

By process of elimination, we can conclude that this mystery model isn’t the new Prius v or Prius c and it’s not based on the recently debuted NS4 Hybrid Concept. And since the Camry Hybrid was just updated, its highly unlikely Carter was referring to that. Carter did give a little more insight to the vehicle, stating that it’ll have “lavish features rarely found in near-luxury vehicles,” which doesn’t really say much other than that it may be a little more upscale than what we normally see in a Toyota.

[Source: Ward's Auto]