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 |  Oct 22 2014, 10:54 AM

CAFE Surplus Main Art

Corporate Average Fuel Economy, CAFE for short, is a series of regulations designed to improve the efficiency of vehicles sold in the United States. Automakers will be required to average 54.5 miles per gallon by the year 2025.

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 |  Jan 24 2014, 10:32 AM

Empty Garage

Since 2007, the number of U.S. households abandoning cars is increasing according to a new study.

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 |  Nov 07 2012, 7:32 PM

Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) promises safer roads and a group of undergraduate students will have the chance this year to test their minds at creating innovative ways to use the technology.

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 |  Sep 13 2012, 8:02 PM

Toyota is teaming up with the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) to conduct a major study of 5,600 teens and adults about distracted driving.

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