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 |  Jun 02 2009, 12:01 PM


In 2007 Volvo partnered with Swedish energy company Vattenfall to examine ways to work together and now the duo has agreed to develop a plug-in diesel hybrid for production by 2012. This summer Volvo will unveil three initial test vehicles based on the V70 wagon.

“We are investing in an industrial joint venture to series-produce plug-in hybrid cars in Sweden in 2012, cars that can be powered by both electricity and diesel,” said Volvo CEO Stephen Odell. “This is an important business development for us and our partnership with Vattenfall allows us to take a giant step toward offering our customers cars with an even smaller environmental footprint.”

The cars will feature an electric motor and a lithium-ion batter pack, which can be recharged from a conventional wall outlet in five hours.

“We want to reinforce electricity’s importance in society and its key role in solving climate issues,” says Vattenfall CEO Lars G Josefsson. “Through this cooperation we hope to be able to speed up the introduction of electric cars. Together we are developing the next-generation technology based on plug-in cars and various charging alternatives.”

Vattenfall will also offer customers the ability to sign a contract ensuring that the electricity delivered to their house is generated by wind power or hydro power, further reducing the environmental impact of the car.

GALLERY: Volvo V70 Plug-In Diesel Hybrid


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