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 |  Jan 25 2011, 8:27 PM


Considering how many years the MKIV Toyota Supra has been out of production, it’s amazing that the aftermarket continues to come up with new parts for it. But why not? The Supra remains one of the most versatile vehicles in the world when it comes to customization.

Veilside possibly has some of the world’s most famous Supras, and it looks like they wanted to make yet another statement at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon with the introduction of their 4509 GTR. Based on the MKIV Toyota Supra Turbo, Veilside decided to blend some luxury styling to the sports coupe.

A quick glance on the exterior and it’s easy to mistake the Supra with a Bentley, given its massive front grille. The front bumper also clearly hints at the Bentley Continental GT, while the headlights provide a tip of the hat to Audi’s R8 supercar.

And naturally, the Supra sports a massive widebody, allowing Veilside to squeeze 20-inch wheels in the front and massive 22-inch wheels in the rear. The custom body is constructed out of a combination of carbon fiber and fiberglass.

For the interior, the luxury theme continues with leather and diamond-stitched Alcantara, a sporty steering wheel and custom gauge cluster/panel.

Squeezing horsepower out of the Supra’s 2JZ is no secret nowadays, so it’s not too impressive, but worth noting, that Veilside’s Supra sports an HKS upgraded turbo kit to help put down 680-hp and 594.5 ft-lbs of torque. Complementing all the performance modifications is a new clutch, exhaust, Rotora big brakes and suspension mods.

GALLERY: Veilside 4509 GTR Toyota Supra

veilside_4509_gtr_toyota_supra_18.jpg veilside_4509_gtr_toyota_supra_15.jpg veilside_4509_gtr_toyota_supra_14.jpg veilside_4509_gtr_toyota_supra_13.jpg veilside_4509_gtr_toyota_supra_11.jpg veilside_4509_gtr_toyota_supra_16.jpg

[Source: Carscoop]

 |  Jun 02 2010, 7:12 AM


For those not in the know, Premier 4509 Limited is Veilside’s luxury brand. And the drastically different name is with good reason in our opinion, given Veilside’s reputation with Japanese vehicles that are borderline “ricey”. That image probably wasn’t helped by branding through the Fast & Furious movies, but marketing is marketing. Nonetheless, Premier 4509 Limited’s line of aesthetics is overwhelmingly exotic and really shows off Veilside’s prowess with customizing vehicles perfectly.

While some of Veilside’s body kits for the Japanese vehicles can be overwhelmingly bold, Premier 4509 Limited’s kits are spot-on for luxury and exotic vehicles. Their line covers Lamborghini‘s Murciélago and Gallardo, Bentley’s Continental GT and Flying Spur, Aston Martin’s Vantage and Ferrari’s F430 and 360. Spotted here though is Sunrise Factory’s Lamborghini Murciélago with the Premier 4509 Limited kit.

Seen recently at the Special Import Car Show (SICS) in Japan, this matte gray Lambo screams exotic. The kit outfits the Murciélago with new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, rear wing and rear diffusers. Limited to only 300 units worldwide, this kit has a great degree of exclusivity – as if owning a Murciélago wasn’t enough.

While we’re absolutely in love with the overall styling of this Murciélago, we’re not a fan of the wheels at all. The full face design seems really bulky for a vehicle so sleek and smooth. But truth be told, we’d take it with or without the wheels – beggars can’t be choosers after all.

GALLERY: Veilside Premier 4509 Limited Lamborghini Murcielago


[Source: Jon Sibal]