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 |  May 23 2012, 1:02 PM

Earlier in the month, Nissan kicked off its crowdsourced 370Z project by bolting-on a turbo kit, exhaust, coilovers and big brake upgrade. Now phase two has been completed, as the team continues to build the “ultimate track car.”

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 |  Nov 02 2011, 6:56 PM


While perusing through the Central Hall of this year’s massive SEMA Show, we came across this little gem tucked away in AirREX’s booth. There was a bit of information that was lost in translation, but AirREX is an air suspension manufacturer out of Taiwan and decided to use a Honda Insight to show off their product.

It probably sounds strange to hear of a Honda Insight sporting air bag suspension, but AirREX also equipped with sleek black Insight with a custom widebody – that’s surprisingly done well – and an aggressive set of Volk Racing TE-37s in a brilliant, bright red shade. Matte gray was applied to the body to give it some contrast, but we feel that the Insight would have looked a lot better without it. Nonetheless, this is one of the nicest and coolest Insights we’ve ever spotted and kudos to AirREX for finding a way to get people to their booth.

GALLERY: Widebody Honda Insight

IMG_9687.JPG IMG_9688.JPG IMG_9689.JPG IMG_9690.JPG IMG_9691.JPG IMG_9694.JPG

 |  Sep 17 2010, 7:05 AM


Alright, we said it bluntly in our review of the 2011 Nissan Juke: it’s just ugly. No matter what angle you look at the car, it’s hard to discern its natural lines to be attractive. Nonetheless, the Nissan Juke is a fun car to drive at an affordable price and for those that care to be seen in something different, it’s an excellent option. And hell, some people really dig the styling of the Juke, proving there’s something for everyone.

But here is fantastic proof of what slight modifications can do to an otherwise unattractive body. The Photoshopist on hand took your run-of-the-mill Nissan Juke, dropped it to the ground and outfitted it with a set of Takata Green Volk Racing TE-37 wheels. And just like that, the Juke suddenly looks killer, it’s strange crossover shape becoming a much more attractive package when pretending to be a sporty coupe.

Knowing that there’s a potent 1.6L turbocharged motor under the hood, we have to believe that the tuners will be tinkering with the Juke in no time and hope to see more rolling around our streets.

[Source: SpeedHunters]

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 |  Sep 02 2010, 8:24 PM


RJ De Vera and Hondas have become synonymous with streetable performance for over the past decade. De Vera is one of Honda’s most avid enthusiasts, building some of the cleanest, daily-driven projects we’ve seen over the years. So it’s no surprise that Honda has partnered up with RJ yet again for their newest and greatest creation, the Honda CR-Z.

We’ve been preaching since the Tokyo Auto Salon that the hybrid tuning craze is inevitably going to take off in America. While it may never reach the heights of what Japan has done in the last couple of years, the release of Honda’s CR-Z could help shape the new trend.

For SEMA this year, Honda has given away several Honda CR-Zs to car builders around the nation to show off what can be done to the fun, hot hatch. We’ve already teased the Fortune Motorsports and Tjin Edition’s build, and now we’re getting a sneak preview of what RJ De Vera has planned for his CR-Z build.

We spoke to RJ briefly and he stressed to us the focus of the CR-Z is to be a clean and fully functional street car that is fun, hence the name CR-Z Type-F. Naturally the CR-Z wouldn’t quite pull its own weight (for now) as a Type-R model, and naming it as such would just be foolish and downright silly. De Vera told us that he wants it to be fully functional so it can compete in the Source Interlink Super Lap Battle shortly after the show.

The CR-Z will be showcasing Wraptivo’s brand of products, a new division of Meguiar’s that focuses on custom car wraps. On the outside will be a matte black wrap with glossy black accents to contrast. Carbon fiber film wrap will be used on the roof, hood and part of the center section of the front bumper to show off just what Wraptivo can do for you.

Naturally a clean aero kit will be utilized along with a set of lightweight Volk Racing TE-37s in an awesome F-Zero Red color. Suspension looks like it’ll come from TEIN while Brembo will be handling the aftermarket brakes. De Vera disclosed to us that he is working closely with HKS on getting a supercharger for the hybrid, while Hondata has been working hard on cracking the ECU to eke out every bit of power.

As always, AutoGuide will be on hand at the 2010 SEMA Show in early November to bring you complete coverage.

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Official press release available after the break.

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 |  Sep 01 2010, 9:05 PM


Nissan‘s resurgence with the Z model has been quite a hit and the 370Z has been the perfect successor to the ever-popular 350Z. With the VQ37HR powering the way to a more streamlined body, it’s no surprise that the aftermarket has embraced the 370Z with open arms. While there are tons of nicely built 370Zs in America, it’s always nice to see what’s being done in Japan as inspiration of fully functional, cleanly built cars.

Most enthusiasts often find it sacrilegious to mix and match parts from various manufacturers when it comes to building their car. Perhaps it’s just brand loyalty or a fancy way of keeping a clean spec sheet, but we don’t always run across cars like this. Instead of sticking to just one brand for the entire vehicle, this owner mixed and matched with what he/she thought looked best on the 370Z. The result? A Top Secret front spoiler with integrated brake ducts has been combined with Varis twin carbon fiber intake ducts and Varis carbon fiber hood. On the hood are Top Secret aerocatch hood pins and in the rear is a carbon fiber wing from Mine’s. And outfitting each corner are none other than Volk Racing’s TE-37 wheels in a classic white finish enhanced with a blue pinstripe on the lip.

One thing’s for sure, every part of the car is a nice high quality component from a reputable brand in Japan. While we’re more used to seeing full out Top Secret cars, or full Varis cars, it’s refreshing to see someone break the mold a little bit, blending the best of all worlds for a great looking car.

GALLERY: JDM Nissan 370Z

z34_2.jpg z34_3.jpg

[Source: The Real JDM]

 |  Jul 27 2010, 1:32 PM


Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but for Rays Engineering it’s a thorn in their side. Their most popular wheel, the TE37, is quite possibly the most copied wheel in the world. We have seen so many variants of the 6-spoke design, some virtually identical to the TE37 and some adding a little spice to the design but still sporting the same decals. We’ve always been very anti-imitation, so we figured we’d continue spreading the good news and help preserve the beauty of the TE37 wheel.

Rays Engineering (manufacturer of Volk Racing wheels) has updated their 17- and 18-inch TE37 models to mimic their 19-inch model with the engraved stampings on the lip of the wheel. These engravings include the Volk Racing logo, Made in Japan, Rays Eng., VIA/JWL, Forged, and Monoblock. Rays Engineering states that this is just another step of precaution to show the difference between the original and copied wheels.

We all know the TE37 is quite possibly the world’s most famous wheel. It also has a rich background on race cars, proving that its lightweight and ingenuous design does work. So for those out there fakin’ it around with imitations, we point, laugh and mock you. It’s ok though, we’re sure you’re pointing back, laughing back and mocking at our empty wallets.

[Source: Farm of Minds]

 |  Apr 17 2010, 2:52 PM


With literally tens of thousands of wheel designs on the market, there are only a select few that rise above the rest. Rays Engineering’s Volk Racing TE37 is just such a wheel. The simple six-spoke lightweight design has been seen outfitted on vehicles from 1988 Honda CR-Xs to 2010 BMW E92 M3s.

But now Rays Engineering has found a way to make one of the world’s best wheels even better. Forget the adage of, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” because clearly the TE37 wasn’t broken and didn’t need fixing. Nonetheless, the new Volk Racing TE37 Super Lap (SL) sports a fancy gunmetal finish and is done in what Rays Engineering is calling “Mold Form Forged.” In layman’s terms though that just means the TE37 SL is even lighter than the TE37 we’ve been feasting our eyes on for the last decade and change. Mackin Industries, U.S. importers for Volk Racing, reports that the TE37 SL is geared and targeted towards track use, with the majority of the applications being at least one pound lighter than its TE37 counterpart.

Current sizing is available in 17×7.5, 17×8.5, 17×9, 17×9.5, 18×9.5, 18×10, 18×10.5 and 18×11 with a variety of offsets for each size. Another timeless classic mildly refreshed for the future; we’re sure to see Volk Racing’s TE37 around for many more years to come.

GALLERY: Volk Racing TE37 Super Lap