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 |  May 22 2014, 6:00 PM


Following the official release of teaser images from Volkswagen, sketches of the Golf GTI Vision Gran Turismo concept have leaked.

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 |  May 12 2014, 11:29 AM


A year after it launched in Europe, Volkswagen is introducing the new 2015 Golf to America, with a base price of $18,815 including destination charges.

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 |  Apr 18 2014, 10:15 AM


If you’re holding your breath on the Volkswagen Golf GTD to arrive in the U.S., you may want to exhale… and it’s not in relief.

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 |  Jan 30 2014, 2:51 PM


The 2015 Volkswagen Golf R Evo is expected to make its debut at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show, and speculation of what will be lurking under the hood is running wild.

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 |  Jan 27 2014, 4:01 PM


Volkswagen will be adding a Golf plug-in hybrid variant to its lineup, complementing the sporty GTI and diesel GTD models.

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 |  Jan 24 2014, 7:32 AM

2015 volkswagen golf r

A more extreme Volkswagen Golf R model is anticipaited to make its debut at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show.

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 |  Nov 29 2013, 11:05 AM


The Volkswagen Golf is an internationally popular car and it’s adding one more trinket to its trophy case, winning this year’s Car of the Year Japan.  Continue Reading…

 |  Sep 08 2013, 4:00 PM


What do you get when you want to build a compact, sporty minivan? The Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan.

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 |  Jul 04 2013, 7:32 AM


Volkswagen has reconfirmed that the Golf GTD will be heading to the U.S., likely for the 2016 model year.

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 |  Jun 08 2013, 3:14 PM


The 2014 Volkswagen Golf GTD originally made its debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show and now the German automaker has released more details on its Gran Turismo Diesel hot hatch.

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 |  May 07 2013, 8:04 AM


Volkswagen is adding a carbon fiber roof option to the Golf that will cut up to 20 lbs. from the car.

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 |  May 06 2013, 8:32 AM


The next-generation Volkswagen Golf R is currently undergoing testing and it is believed that the range-topping hatch will make between 290 and 300 hp.

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 |  Apr 25 2013, 6:32 PM


These days, it’s getting harder and harder to set your custom car apart from the crowd. Tuners and builders are always searching for a new way to be different and this Volkswagen Golf takes it to new heights.

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 |  Apr 23 2013, 12:50 PM

Der neue Volkswagen Golf GTI

Volkswagen released a new set of photos today detailing the 2015 Golf GTI, which will arrive in North America sometime in late 2013.

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 |  Mar 02 2013, 1:26 PM

The first photos of the new Volkswagen Golf Estate, sold here at the Jetta SportWagen, have hit the Internet ahead of its official debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

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 |  Feb 07 2013, 3:31 PM

More photos of the Volkswagen Golf R Cabriolet have surfaced ahead of its official 2013 Geneva Motor Show debut. Continue Reading…

 |  Jan 28 2013, 12:57 PM

The 2014 Volkswagen Golf hasn’t made it to North America yet, and it has only been offered in front-wheel drive thus far, but today Volkswagen announced the introduction of the 2014 Golf with 4Matic all-wheel drive.

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 |  Jan 25 2013, 11:23 AM

When the seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf hits North America, it will be produced in Mexico, according to the company. 

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 |  Sep 27 2012, 2:34 PM

The 2014 Volkswagen Golf gets all new underpinnings this year, courtesy of VW’s MQB architecture, and it was just unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

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 |  Sep 27 2012, 1:31 AM

Volkswagen has just revealed one of the world’s most efficient cars, a Golf BlueMotion concept powered by a new 1.6-liter TDI netting itself nearly 74-mpg.

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 |  Aug 24 2012, 6:54 AM

Volkswagen is counting down to the unveiling of its Golf MKVII model, and the German automaker kicked off the celebration with a presentation to the media showing off some of the new, important features of the seventh-generation Golf.

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 |  Aug 23 2012, 10:13 AM

After the regular Golf R was seen undergoing testing yesterday, today Volkswagen rolled out the Golf R convertible, completely camo-free, offering us a full look at the new drop-top hot hatch.

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 |  Mar 14 2012, 10:01 AM

German giant Volkswagen already sent the first eGolf electric car to California, but as we reported in late February, it wasn’t a production car.

That will change late next year as the company plans to start releasing the EV as a 2014 model. Jonathan Browning, VW of America’s president told Automotive News it will be a fully-electric version of the already-existent Golf.

It seems the company will start by targeting specific small markets in the U.S. before moving into Europe. California seems like an obvious choice for the initial trial though the official announcement isn’t out yet. Aside from the subsidies and lifestyle benefits like HOV lane exemptions, the first eGolf arrived there, so it seems like a natural choice for the company.

As previously reported, the eGolf has a 93-mile range and 87-mph top speed and a 11.6-second 0-60 mph acceleration time.

The number of eGolfs headed to the U.S. market still isn’t clear, but don’t expect to see droves of them late next year.

“It’s a fundamental part of our powertrain strategy, but sometimes it’s good to be a little more steady in terms to the approach to the market,” Browning said.

[Source: Automotive News]

 |  Feb 24 2012, 5:15 PM

German automaker Volkswagen is joining the electric vehicle party, and the first eGolf has been shipped to their Electronic Research Laboratory in Belmont, California.

20 electric VW Golfs will make their way to America for testing, and Volkswagen will build a total of 500 to test its new electric powertrain. There is nothing evolutionary or revolutionary with Volkswagen’s first eGolf, which will be front-wheel drive and packs a lithium-ion battery for energy storage. As with most electric vehicles, it can be plugged to an outlet to be charged in addition to recharging through regenerative braking.

Currently the battery pack in the eGolf stores 26.5 kilowatt-hours of electricity giving the vehicle a range of 93 miles and has a 0-60 mph time of 11.8 seconds. Top speed is currently rated at 87-mph.

As for the rest of the vehicle, the eGolf shares much of it parts with its conventional gasoline counterpart inside and out. By utilizing the already existing Golf platform, VW was able to not only save time and money, but make it more efficient to manufacture.

The German automaker hasn’t confirmed when the electric Golf will make its way into production. But given that the company anticipates 500 vehicles on the road for testing, it shouldn’t be too far off.

The Volkswagen eGolf joins other electric vehicles that have made their way to California including the first Ford Focus Electric that went to Google, and the first Honda Fit EV that was delivered to the city of Torrance.

[Source: CNet]