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 |  Feb 23 2012, 7:31 PM

There isn’t much a parent wouldn’t do to ensure their child is in the safest scenario possible. So much so that if it’s something that they can control, they’ll find a way to control it.

This commercial from Volkswagen is a testament to that, as a mother opts to take her daughter’s boyfriend’s riced out Honda Del Sol out to pick up groceries rather than letting her daughter go out in it. Instead, the kids get to safely drive around town in her mom’s Tiguan, one of the nine Volkswagen IIHS Top Safety Picks.

The ad is worth a good laugh, especially since it reminds us of just how ridiculous Hondas were customized back in the mid to late 90s. This Del Sol simply screams out Fast and the Furious. We can’t believe that style of body kits and graphics were once the cool thing to do.

Watch the commercial after the break.

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