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 |  Aug 15 2011, 2:00 PM

In West Virginia, fans sure do love their NASCAR races. In fact, that state boasts the most NASCAR fans per capitia. And five days after a NASCAR race is aired on TV, accidents caused by aggressive driving rise notably.

The Journal of Applied Social Psychology wanted to see if aggressive, crash-filled racing influenced the day-to-day driving habits of West Virginians. And according to the study, it really did. Looking at aggressive-driving accidents from 2003 through 2006 (about 29,000), these types of accidents rose significantly five days after the televised event took place (over 23 accidents recorded versus 19 on other days).  Surprisingly, on the day of the race, accidents actually dropped.

As for the five-day lapse, research found that delayed effects are commonly found in studies the media’s effects on behaviour.

[Source: Wall Street Journal]

 |  Dec 31 2010, 12:11 PM

Chances are, if you own an electric car are or thinking of buying one, you’d pass on a fat-filled, processed McCardiac Arrest in favor of a ‘tasty’ granola bar. But would you stop at a McDonald’s to charge up your EV? (They do offer salads, after all).  That’s what a Micky D’s in West Virginia is counting on, as it’s the first fast-food restaurant to be equipped with Level 2 electric car charging stations.

Located in Huntington, West Virginia, this McDonalds celebrated its grand opening recently (and as a side note, it replaced the first-ever West Virginia McDonald’s) and showed their plug-in electric vehicle station.

Although the town doesn’t have that many electric vehicles going through the drive thru just yet, that doesn’t worry Tom Wolf, the new McDonald’s owner and operator. “I wanted to offer this capability to show our customers that this new technology is here when they are ready to take advantage of it,” said Wolf.

[Source: Kicking Tires]

 |  May 19 2010, 4:37 PM


An Indiana post office was evacuated Tuesday after a suspicious package was discovered, addressed to a Toyota factory. The package was determined harmless by a local bomb disposal technician, but the scare follows 3 other suspicious packages sent to other plants as well as Toyota USA headquarters.

According to police, the package originated in Nigeria, and contained a small metal tube with electronic parts inside. Similar packages were sent to Toyota plants and offices in Kentucky, West Virginia and Texas. Both Toyota and law enforcement officials have no idea what is motivating these bizarre hoaxes and will not comment on their nature. The FBI, as well as other federal officials are now investigating the matter

[Source: USA Today]