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 |  Aug 21 2010, 4:26 PM

We’ve seen so many variants of BMW‘s X6 by now that we’re not even sure which one is our favorite anymore. But it’s clear that the aftermarket has really embraced BMW’s performance SUV despite its odd identity crisis. This time it’s AC Schnitzer with a widebody X6. Interestingly AC Schnitzer hasn’t officially released this kit yet, with the vehicle making its first appearance at the National BMW Festival out in the United Kingdom.

AC Schnitzer is well known for tuning BMWs and their styling has always been unique. Simply put, it’s hard to mistake AC Schnitzer’s body kits. Clearly what we can see on the X6 is a full body kit (front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper, rear trunk and roof spoiler), alongside widebody arches that allows 11-inch wide wheels to look comfortably at home.

A set of traditional AC Schnitzer wheels also outfit the car. We found this X6 to be one of the cleaner yet more aggressive ones out of all the X6s we’ve seen, with the widebody fitting the style of the X6 quite nicely. As for the Aston Martin-inspired frong grille, well, we’ll pass on that.

We’re sure it’s just a matter of time before someone in the United States pops up with one for us to check out.

GALLERY: Widebody AC Schnitzer BMW X6

[Source: Vivid Racing]

 |  Jun 09 2010, 10:14 PM


Finally! After all the bickering we have done on black demo cars, we have the chance to check out Lumma Design’s BWW X6 M styling on both a black and white platform. Lumma Design offers a plethora of kits for various Porsche, BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicles, so their expertise is well varied. Their BMW X6 M package is dubbed the CLR X 650 M, clearly a more menacing title than just X6 M, and the exterior styling shows.

Clearly there is no subtlety in what Lumma Design has done for the X6 M, turning the family SAV to a widebody monster. With large openings in the front bumper and a wild, yet refined rear bumper anyone that opts for Lumma’s kit on their X6 means serious business. The eyelids are a fantastic touch making it even more aggressive from the front.

But back to what we always complain about. It’s startling how different the two vehicles look just based on their exterior colors. The black X6 M looks more evil and menacing, blending in a lot of the aggressive lines of the kit with the sharper edges not being as prominent as the white X6 M. Even though the white lip with black center on the wheels is a nice change of pace, the style and size of the wheel just doesn’t seem to fit that X6 M as well as the black on black.

There’s a host of interior upgrades available too and we were really thrown off with the blue scheme that is seen in the black one. The large checkerboard style looks like carbon fiber gone way wrong. But the interior in the white X6 is nice and stylish, clean and subtle.

We’d probably take either one of these, although we’re surprised that the white one looks just as mean as the black one, though the darker one is definitely more sleek. Darth Vader anyone?

GALLERY: Lumma Design BMW X6 M

black-x6-1.jpg white-x6-11.jpg black-x6-2.jpg white-x6-7.jpg black-x6-3.jpg white-x6-19.jpg

[Source: Jon Sibal]