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 |  Jun 21 2013, 8:01 AM


Audi is getting a new head of research and development (R&D), Ulrich Hackenberg, who will replace Wolfgang Dürheimer.

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 |  Jun 14 2013, 9:32 AM


Audi won’t be investing heavily, if at all, into electric cars in the near future, R&D chief Wolfgang Dürheimer said at a recent event in Germany.

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 |  Aug 15 2011, 12:30 PM

If you’re in the market for a Bugatti Veyron and cannot decide between the current Grand Sport targa-top or the ultra fast Super Sport version, you would then ideally prefer to have a mixture of the two. However, Bugatti will not sell you such a beast.

In an interview with a Dutch magazine, Wolfgang Dürheimer, the current CEO of Bugatti and Bentley has said that it is not possible to integrate the two. He added that the Super Sport has very fine tuned aerodynamics, which will not be applicable to an open-top car. And while the Grand Sport did receive extra structural rigidity, the all carbon-fiber monocoque of the Super Sport is even stiffer.

There’s also the matter of engine cooling. The Super Sport has unique NACA-style ducts, which cannot be incorporated into the Grand Sport.

However, if you still want more than 1001-hp in your open-top Bugatti, Dürheimer says that while 1200-hp of the Super Sport might not be possible, but something in the middle would be doable.

Bugatti plans on building 150 examples of the Grand Sport, of which only 40 have been sold. So expect to see some special edition versions being announced to fill the remaining order forms.

[Source: GT Spirit]

 |  Aug 08 2011, 9:00 PM

Bugatti has built the fastest production cars in the world, but their next project will be a little different. Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Durheimer confirmed that the new 16 C Galibier concept, which gives an indication as to their next production car, will have four seats and have a generous trunk for luggage.

The sedan will likely be powered by a 16-cylinder engine, producing somewhere around 800-hp. The Galibier concept will be much larger than the Veyron and have less power, so 0-60 sprints in under three seconds are highly unlikely. A plug-in hybrid is also in the cards, with an electric-only driving range of around 25 miles, according to Durheimer. Bugatti plans to sell between 1000-15000 of the Galibier models. This is around three times as many sales compared to the Veyron and Grand Sport vehicles sold since 2004. Bugatti will likely begin selling the luxury vehicle during the fall of 2012. Durheimer says the four-seater will cost at least €1M, equivalent to around $1.42 million.

[Source: Car and Driver]

 |  Apr 19 2011, 6:00 AM


Bugatti president and CEO Wolfgang Durheimer confirming that Bugatti will move forward with producing the 16C Galibier isn’t the biggest news about the super sedan, rather, it’s the fact that Bugatti will be offering a hybrid variant of the car. In an interview with CAR Magazine, Durheimer announced more details on the Galibier program and what Bugatti will be offering for its luxury sedan.

As we already know, the standard Galibier will also utilize Bugatti’s potent W16 power plant but a hybrid option will also be available. Durheimer expressed the importance of being socially acceptable in various markets that might demand a more quiet vehicle. By offering an EV mode with the Galibier, the luxury sedan will have more versatility in an already limited market.

“When the mayors of cities know we can make cars that run silently, I don’t expect they will allow cars that pollute into city centres,” Durheimer said. “But I can’t imagine a Galibier owner leaving their car at the park-and-ride and catching a bus. That’s why we need to offer a hybrid with this car, so owners drive up to the hotel silently in EV mode. But not every Galibier needs to be a hybrid – in places like Dubai it is not what the market wants.”

With the Veyron’s production fading into the horizon, many will anxiously await the production of the Galibier which will be limited to 3,000 units.

[Source: Car Magazine UK]

 |  Sep 22 2009, 10:38 AM


Porsche has all but officially confirmed that it will build a successor to the incredible Carrera GT. In an interview with Car & Driver, Porsche R&D board member Wolfgang Dürheimer said that he believes such a car will see production. Dürheimer didn’t  comment on when that might be but he did say that a new vehicle along those lines would have a completely different technological approach.

With the German automakers focused on the efficiency of their products, it wouldn’t be a stretch to see a CGT successor act as a sort of green supercar, using several different layers of efficient engineering, such as light-weight parts, energy regeneration and turbocharging, to produce maximum performance through minimal consumption.

[Source: Car & Driver]

Porsche Panamera Officially Unveiled in Shanghai

High-performance 4-door Porsche debuts, with 6-cylinder and hybrid models to come

 |  Apr 20 2009, 12:53 PM


We’re not really sure there’s anything left to show or tell, but yesterday Porsche officially took the wraps off the Panamera sedan at the Shanghai Auto Show. The move is a bold one for Porsche, as the Panamera marks the German sportscar maker’s first sedan. Holding a world-premiere in China, also sends a clear statement about how important Porsche views expansion into that market.

”Introducing the Panamera, we are entering a market segment completely new for our customers and we are once again consistently expanding our model portfolio,” said Klaus Berning, VP of sales and marketing at Porsche AG.


As the first all-new model from Porsche since the Cayenne debuted in 2002, the Panamera will initially be offered in three models, the 400hp Panamera S and all-wheel drive Panamera 4S, as well as the 500hp Panamera Turbo.

The Panamera seats four adults and Porsche says rear seat room will be significant – as will cargo capacity. And while Porsche say the vehicle will be a performance leader in the 4-door Gran Turismo segment, it also says it will be a leader in fuel-economy with an average of 22 mpg.

Helping to achieve that fuel-economy rating is a world’s first start-stop automatic transmission. And that’s not the only innovation on the Panamera. Porsche has also equipped the car with a segment-first active rear spoiler (for Turbo models), as well as Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC) and Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) with an air suspension that can add extra air (for even more ground clearance) when required.


“Our engineers, technicians, and designers have invested all their know-how, years of experience, a wealth of ideas, and their full passion for sports cars in this four-seater Gran Turismo,” said Porsche AG R&D boss Wolfgang Dürheimer.

The Panamera will go on sale this fall with an MSRP of $89,800 ($115,100 CDN), the Panamera 4S will retail for $93,800 ($120,300) and the Panamera Turbo will start at $132,600 ($155,000 CDN).

A six-cylinder model and a hybrid version will follow later.

GALLERY: Porsche Panamera


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