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 |  Oct 04 2011, 1:30 PM

British racing driver Jackie Stewart called the Nurburgring Nordschleife (Northern loop) the “Green Hell,” and this past week, the track lived up to its nick name due to an eight car pile up that included a rented Chevrolet Corvette, a BMW M3 “Ring Taxi”, two rare Vauxhall VX220′s an E36, E30 and E92 BMW 3-series, an old Porsche 911.

The accident took place on a public lapping day at the “Bergwerk” section, where a construction company was doing some repair work, which is not a great idea especially when novices are out on the track. According to reports, four cars were racing as they approached the construction zone, which according to some was not clearly marked.

These four cars slammed on their brakes upon seeing the construction zone and the carnage ensued. This chain of accidents took out eight cars in total and sent one man to the hospital with serious injuries.

This accident caused around $200,000 worth of damage to cars and property. Usually all damages to the track are paid by those involved in the accidents, but there could be a strong case made against the track for its untimely construction on a open lapping day and then not marking the construction zone clearly. We reckon this story is far from over. We’ll keep you posted on this developing story.

[Source: GT Spirit]

 |  Sep 25 2011, 6:34 PM

Zahir Rana Ferrari Enzo Crash 01.jpg

It’s always difficult to see a Ferrari get wrecked. A little more than a week ago, Zahir Rana became a household name after he spun out his monstrously powerful modified Ferrari Enzo into the ocean while he was participating in the Targa Newfoundland race.

Now, new details have surfaced from his facebook page and we’re pleased to learn that the Ferrari Enzo will receive repairs. In fact, they’ll be done at Edo Competition in Germany, the same shop that did much of the Enzo’s past modifications. And what better way for a Ferrari to go than by air transport.

Unfazed, Zahir Rana hinted at the return of the Ferrari at the ‘Race the Base’, a top speed event across an airfield at Cold Lake Alberta, next year.

GALLERY: Zahir Rana’s Ferrari Enzo

Zahir Rana Ferrari Enzo Crash 02.jpgZahir Rana Ferrari Enzo Crash 03.jpgZahir Rana Ferrari Enzo Crash 05.jpgZahir Rana Ferrari Enzo Crash 06.jpgZahir Rana Ferrari Enzo Crash 08.jpgZahir Rana Ferrari Enzo Crash 09.jpg

[Source: Facebook via Autoblog]

 |  Jun 16 2010, 9:22 PM

The luck just doesn’t seem to be getting any better for Lamborghinis, as another crash has surfaced - this time having absolutely nothing to do with their employees. One would think when you own just one of 10 LP670-4 SV China Edition‘s in the world, you’d be a little more careful with it. Just by looking at the photos, we can tell this bull suffered a seriously unfortunate accident in Beijing earlier this month.

Details are sparse, but what has been documented is that the vehicle was speeding at around 110 mph when the driver lost control. The exotic left the road, struck a group of trees and finally came to a stop a good 100 meters away. Luckily, as crazy as it may seem in populated Beijing, there were no pedestrians on the road and both driver and passenger were unscathed despite not wearing their seatbelts. Another proof that money just can’t buy common sense, driving experience or… well, just a brain.

This year seems to be filled with plenty of celebrity deaths and we can add on to 2010 as the year Lamborghini has really made the news with plenty of destroyed rarities.

[Source: Topspeed]

See the rest of the crash pics after the jump:

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