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 |  May 18 2014, 7:46 AM


The 2015 Cadillac XTS is heading to dealerships with some extra goodies.

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 |  Feb 21 2014, 12:02 PM

Ask AutoGuide No. 37

Ask AutoGuide No 37 Main Art

GM has been working to revive its Cadillac division for a decade and a half. After much hard work and many billions of dollars things are really starting to fall into place instead of falling apart. They’ve transformed the brand from an also-ran into a genuine competitor to German luxury hegemony.

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 |  Jul 26 2013, 11:02 AM


Cadillac released new information about the 3.6-liter twin-turbo V6 to be found in its new CTS and XTS Vsport sedans.

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 |  Feb 26 2013, 4:47 PM

When Size Matters

Large and in charge. Big is beautiful. Size matters. Yes, there are endless clichés to support the notion that the bigger something is, the better it is. In the automotive kingdom, some vehicles not only adhere to this philosophy, but redefine it. We aren’t talking the puny realm of offerings like the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry or even Dodge Charger. No, this is for the serious four wheeled hippos. The cars where it is more fun to be in the backseat than the front seat.

If you have more money to burn than the average NFL Quarterback, then there are some serious vehicles you can buy that are seriously long. How about the 220.9-inch Phantom Coupe? Not long enough for you? You could upsize to the 239.8-inch Phantom extended-wheelbase sedan, or maybe the 242.7-inch Maybach 62?

But for the rest of us mere mortals, there are some sizable vehicles out there under $100,000. Heck, two of the top ten are even under $30,000. So we will now present to you the top ten vehicles that are longer than The Hobbit.

 |  Feb 18 2013, 12:31 PM

Lincoln’s long-lived Town Car served fleet duty for decades, but the obsolete large sedan finally reached the end of the line about a year and a half ago. Now the competition is moving swiftly to fill the vacuum left behind by Ford’s departed “panther” car, including Cadillac. 

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 |  Jan 09 2013, 6:02 PM

Traction is important; it’s the difference between moving forward and sitting still. Without any friction between your vehicle’s tires and the road surface you’d never make it to work in the morning, let alone to that Grand Funk Railroad concert on Saturday night.

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 |  Oct 09 2012, 2:51 PM

Cadillac just appointed Robert Ferguson as its global vice president – a new position and the brand’s latest push for a fresh identity. 

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 |  Aug 29 2012, 11:30 AM

Unlike modern trends of SUVs going to uni-body construction and adopting smaller more fuel efficient engines, Cadillac says that then next generation Escalade will stay large, and forgo some mpg for power and presence.

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 |  May 23 2012, 9:32 AM

The Cadillac XTS is the American luxury automaker’s new flagship sedan, and priced at $44,995 it’s poised to do a fine job competing against the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Audi A6, Lexus GS, BMW 5-Series, and Infiniti M37.

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 |  May 22 2012, 6:15 PM

Rap lovers won’t be pouring any Olde English out over the Cadillac Escalade just yet because the brand has decided to keep it alive.

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 |  May 09 2012, 8:15 PM

The Cadillac XTS may be hitting showrooms soon as the American luxury automaker’s flagship luxury sedan, but a rear-wheel drive successor is already on the drawing board for a possible 2015 debut.

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 |  May 04 2012, 9:02 PM

Cadillac is releasing its new XTS sedan to market soon, and to preview the car to the public the company has released a new commercial. 

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 |  May 04 2012, 11:01 AM

The Cadillac XTS W20 livery sedan has already been announced as a car meant for chauffeurs and high-end delivery companies, and now we know that by the end of 2012 Cadillac will offer the package meant for up-fitting the W20 into a limousine.

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 |  Apr 05 2012, 12:01 PM

The new 2013 Cadillac XTS is Cadillac’s new flagship luxury sedan, and when it hits dealers in the spring it will start at a base price of $44, 995. 

There will be three trim levels available on the XTS: Luxury, Premium and Platinum. The platinum model will be the top of the line XTS and come with standard unique wheels, interior trim and unique materials to set itself apart from the other two options packages.

Cadillac’s new CUE infotainment system will also be included in the XTS, and promises to offer users an intuitive control experience. “CUE is intuitive, in part because its control and command structure aims to be consistent with popular devices millions of people already use,” said Don Butler, vice president of Cadillac marketing.

The XTS will premiere Cadillac’s new “directional tactile sensation,” system, which is essentially a setup that warns the driver of potential collisions by vibrating the bottom of the seat.

The XTS will be competing with the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Audi A6, Lexus GS, BMW 5-Series and Infiniti M37.

 |  Mar 09 2012, 5:01 PM


Hype around Cadillac has been directed to its ATS and CTS sports sedan offerings so often lately that sometimes we forget the company made a name for itself from its grand luxobarges. 

GM just released a new 2013 Cadillac XTS promo video to remind us what owning a Caddy was all about. According to the company, development involved a lot of time spent, “in homes making observations and taking notes.” Finally, designers and engineers involved in the XTS project determined that a recurring theme for the XTS concept was, “the desire for more space to accommodate active lifestyle gear, like golf bags.”

The chief engineer of the XTS, Sheri Hickok, said, “We used computer simulations to model golf bags, as well as other common types of good our customers are likely to transport. That also includes cases of bottled water, luggage, groceries, and more. Just as we did with he rest of the XTS, we spent a lot of time maximizing every inch of storage space.”

The result is a class leading cubic-inch figure, offering nearly 40 inches of legroom as well as 18 cubic feet of trunk space, exceeding the space offered in an Audi A8L, BMW 7-series, or Mercedes-Benz S-class.

“Our owners want to comfortably take four adults out for a round of gold and dinner afterwards. The challenge was to give customers what they expect in terms of interior spaciousness, comfort and luxury, but to do so without compromising exterior looks and handling dynamics.”

The 2013 Cadillac XTS will receive a direct-injection 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 good for 300-hp. Look for more details on the next generation flagship in the months ahead.

Click here to watch the video.

GALLERY: 2013 Cadillac XTS



 |  Feb 23 2012, 8:45 PM

Surely things are changing around the automotive manufacturing world. Ford continues to push its EcoBoost engines and now GM appears to have a pair of twin-turbo V6 engines currently in development.

We first heard about GM working on a 3.0L twin-turbo V6 powerplant almost two years ago and it was widely believed that the company would probably stick to only one twin-turbo V6 since its fifth generation of their small block V8 was also around coming. Now, reports are surfacing that GM does indeed have a second, 3.6-liter twin-turbo V6 in the works.

Looking back on 2009, GM and Jay Leno teamed up to build a Chevy Camaro Concept for SEMA that packed a 3.6L twin-turbo V6. Back then, the American automaker claimed it produced 425-hp, so it’s probably safe to speculate that a production 3.6L twin-turbo V6 from GM would have at least 400-hp.

The 3.0L twin-turbo V6 should make its way into the Cadillac XTS (pictured above) and CTS models with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The 3.6L however could be seen in the upcoming ATS-V performance car. The 3.6L twin-turbo V6 currently in development might only be seen in Cadillac models, though that’s just speculation.

[Source: GM Inside News]

 |  Feb 10 2012, 7:17 PM

Cadillac‘s 2013 XTS will get new safety features starting this fall that make it GM’s most technically advanced production car to date.

Known as sensor fusion, GM’s latest safety system uses a complex mix of tools to alert drivers of potential hazards. Essentially, it combines GM’s list of safety technologies and as the name would suggest, fuses them to provide a greater level of information to the driver than was available on past GM vehicles.

“We believe sensor fusion will enable future active safety systems to handle a greater number of inputs to provide 360 degrees of crash risk detection and enhanced driver assist features,” said Bakhtiar Litkouhi, GM Research and Development lab group manager for perception and vehicle control systems.

While the alerts XTS drivers will enjoy aren’t new, the way GM is integrating them into one system is.

“A system that combines the strengths of multiple sensing technologies and expertly manages those inputs can provide advisory, warning, and control interventions to help drivers avoid collisions and save lives,” Litkouhi said.

Looking into the future, GM says sensor fusion is a step toward autonomous driving, something we’ve already seen Volvo and BMW working on.

Beyond that, the company is using their sensor technology to help develop other systems like LIDAR, a light detecting and ranging technology that uses laser pulses to measure an upcoming vehicle’s proximity to the driver.

For more info on GM’s sensor fusion system, watch this video.

 |  Nov 16 2011, 1:28 PM


As expected and right on time, Cadillac rolled out their new XTS Sedan today at the LA Auto Show, fully unveiling their new flagship luxury sedan. Confirmed is a 3.0L V6 with 300-hp under the hood powering the XTS Sedan boasting Cadillac’s Art & Science design language.

The 300-hp V6 is mated to a six-speed transmission and Cadillac claims it has “very impressive fuel economy”. Genuine leather and wood is used throughout the interior, giving it a warm and opulent feel; while the XTS Premium will ramp up the luxury inside with a suede headliner, special accents and two unique interior trims.

Cadillac also boasted that the XTS Sedan is their most technologically advanced vehicle yet, equipped with their Magnetic Ride Control and Brembo brakes as standard. Furthermore, technological advancements enhance the safety of the vehicle by utilizing what Cadillac calls a network of cameras and radar sensors to warn drivers of possible accidents before they occur. Their “virtual bumpers” allows for low-speed detection of hard-to-spot articles and can even stop the vehicle to prevent an accident from happening. Another feature on the XTS Sedan worth mentioning is adaptive cruise control with full speed range.

The XTS Sedan is confirmed to be the first vehicle in Cadillac’s lineup to come with their new Cadillac User Experience (CUE) which features advanced in-vehicle connectivity paired with an industry’s first multi-touch screen with haptic feedback (which vibrates slightly when icons are touched). CUE will be integrated into other Cadillac models including the ATS later this year.

GALLERY: Cadillac XTS Sedan


 |  Aug 04 2011, 2:30 PM

General Motors will invest $117 million in the Oshawa Assembly Plant in preparation to build the all-new Cadillac XTS. This move will also solidify 400 jobs on the company’s felixble assembly line. The XTS has been designed to compete against other large luxury cars, and production should begin in the first half of 2012.

“This investment further extends the capabilities of the award-winning Oshawa Assembly Plant and pays compliment to the achievements of its dedicated workforce, one that consistently strives for excellence,” said Kevin Williams, president and managing director of General Motors of Canada. “Adding the Cadillac XTS affirms GM’s commitment to a strong manufacturing base in Canada, ensuring Oshawa will have a critical role in the ongoing transformation of Cadillac.

Last year, the plant underwent significant change to produce the Chevrolet Equinox, the Chevrolet Camaro Convertivle and the Buick Regal. This production change added two new shifts and 1,300 employees. The plant also builds the Chevy Impala and employs over 4,500 workers. GM Canada employs more than 10,000 people accross the coutnry.

The XTS concept car was unveiled last year and the final production model wil debut in the coming months.

 |  Jun 07 2011, 3:38 PM

General Motors CEO Dan Akerson discussed the future product line of his company in an interview and bashed the Lincoln brand while at it .

Akerson began the interview explaining that next year, GM will unveil a powerful bifuel engine for commercial trucks that will run on compressed natural gas or gasoline. He then spoke of Cadillacs plans to introduce the XTS and the ATS vehicles by summer 2012. Akerson was then quoted as saying Chevrolet “is going to be a killer brand” within the global market. Chevrolet is hoping to infiltrate unconquered markets with its new sophisticated hybrid vehicles.

Akerson finished his interview with Detroit News by bashing the Licoln name. He was quoted saying ”They are trying like hell to resurrect Lincoln. Well, I might as well tell you, you might as well sprinkle holy water. It’s over.”It is very odd that Akerson would bad mouth Lincoln, but he must be doing so because he sees the Lincoln brand as a threat.

[Source: egm CarTech]