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 |  Oct 16 2009, 11:03 AM


No Doubt you’ve never heard of General Marketing Capital Incorporated (GMCI), but if you’re a lover of classic American muscle, or modern American muscle, you’re about to become more familiar with the company. The reason? GMCI has just announced that it has purchased the Yenko name and brand and has announced plans to bring it back from the dead – which is good timing considering the tremendous popularity of the new Camaro.

The Yenko name has become synonymous with performance ever since Don Yenko, owner of Yenko Chevrolet, first dropped a Corvette 427 cu.-in. V8 under the hood of a Camaro back in 1967.

“The muscle car era has made a huge comeback this year and we expect this trend to grow,” said company owner Jeff Leonard. “The Yenko name is very much a part of that magnificent history and we plan to resurge its magic and its historical significance. Through GMCI’s efforts, Don Yenko’s name will be kept alive with the highest degree of integrity and respect.”

Normally we might worry about someone buying a good name like the Yenko one and running it into the ground with scissor doors and neon lights, but Leonard seems to have the right approach and is a genuine enthusiast as well as a business man. He even owned an original ’68 Yenko Camaro.

We’ll have to wait and see what GMCI has planned, but we’re hoping for some nice ZR1 goodies!

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