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 |  Nov 10 2011, 4:15 PM

Yokohama Tire Corporation’s latest “Tire Tips” video is out and will educate driver about how your tires play a role in fuel efficiency.

This is the fifth instalment in the series that focuses on how you can keep your vehicle and tires optimized for maximum fuel efficiency. Drivers will be surprised that something as easy as maintaining proper tire pressure can increase gas mileage by about four percent.

“When it comes to saving money on gas, not many consumers know how large a role tires can play,” said Fred Koplin, Yokohama director of marketing communications. “In this video we explain how alignment, tire pressure and rolling resistance can affect a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. We also provide tips on how to make sure consumers get the most out of their tires and vehicles.”

The star of this video is Yokohama’s dB Super E-spec tires. Using orange oil technology, the dB Super E-spec tires boast gas-saving low rolling resistance and feature the ultra-thin AIRTEX Advanced Liner, which helps keep tires properly inflated.

Watch Yokohama’s Tire Tips video after the jump.

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 |  Nov 07 2011, 5:45 PM

It really pays off to be connected into social media. And if you’re connected to Yokohama Tire Corporation, you could win a tablet computer.

During the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show, the Yokohama Tire Corporation will be hosting a social media and digital express. For this contest, Yokohama will use Facebook and Twitter to give away a variety of prizes over the course of the 12-day show, including a tablet computer every day.

“This year, we really wanted to focus on providing education about tires in an interactive, engaging manner”, said Alan Holtschneider, Yokohama manager, advertising, promotions & events. “Each day, visitors to Yokohama’s exhibit in the West Hall lobby will find a wide array of things to do while getting a chance to win some items such as Yokohama gear and the world’s most popular tablet computer.”

For Yokohama’s Twitpic Contest, a winner will be picked to win a tablet every day of the LA Auto Show (November 16-27). To enter, you need to take a picture anywhere inside the Yokohama LA Auto Show booth and tweet your photo. One lucky winner will be randomly selected at the end of the day.

There are other prizes to be won as well, such as tickets to the show and gift bags. You can follow Yokohama Tire on Twitter and Facebook, and learn more about the contests on the corporate website.

And don’t forget to to follow AutoGuide on Twitter and Facebook as we’ll be actively covering the 2011 LA Auto Show starting November 16th.

 |  Sep 27 2011, 1:30 PM

Experiential ride and drive training programs offered by the Yokohama Tire Corporation have been an annual event for dealers, but now the company is thinking about opening up these events to the general public.

Recently, the California-based tire manufacturer invited a group of local car club enthusiasts to one of its special ride and drive events in San Diego, California, and it was such a hit, Yokohama wants to share the experience with even more drivers.

“Yokohama has always believed in the importance of interacting with enthusiasts face-to-face,” said Theresa Palang, Yokohama manager of public relations and digital marketing, “and that’s why we wanted to give consumers a chance to try our tires and learn what they can do. We reached out to enthusiast forums online and received a very positive response.  Having the consumers experience our ride and drive firsthand is a great way to get feedback from the public.”

Letting consumers actually test drive the tires in a controlled environment rather than just read about them, the participants at the San Diego ride and drive event got to take Yokohama’s ADVAN Neova AD08 tires out for a spin. These sweet tires were attached to 2010 Ford Mustangs that offered 305-horsepower to get drivers through various slalom courses. Drivers were timed on laps, and winners walked away with Yokohama gear and exclusive pre-opening night tickets for the 2011 LA Auto Show in November.

Since its first consumer ride and drive event was such a success, watch for more coming in the near future. You can keep up to date on upcoming events by visiting Yokohama’s website or Facebook page.

 |  Jun 08 2010, 1:28 PM

To help promote Tire Safety Week (which is on right now), Yokohama Tire Corporation has released a series of short educational videos on its website and YouTube. To start things off with a bang, the first video features off-road racing champion and TV commentator Cameron Steele discussing the importance of properly inflated tires.

“Consumer awareness and education regarding tires is vital,” said Fred Koplin, Yokohama Tire director, marketing communications, “so we designed these short, entertaining videos to help consumers understand just how important tires are, especially since tires are the only part of a vehicle to touch the road.”

The videos in this series will run about two to three minutes in length and deal with a variety of tire safety issues. Just a few of the topics covered include: how to check air pressure, read a sidewall, ways to achieve better fuel efficiency, understanding braking distances and choosing the correct tire for a vehicle. Hosting these episodes will be Steele and his wife Heidi (who also happens to be an off-road racing champion), plus key Yokohama employees.

Watch the first video starring Steele after the jump.

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