2015 BMW M4 Review

The M3 Plus

2015 BMW M4 Review

When BMW said the new M3 coupe would be called the M4 it didn’t just seem idiotic, but sacrilegious. Now it all makes sense.

  • Rickers

    This is a disgusting color.

  • Shorline

    Um… yea… it’s a f-ing M3 with two doors… dumass

  • Mark S

    Thankful that BMW is still sending us the stick shifts (are you listening Audi!).
    Sad to see NA go, but the power and torque, the weight saving in this later M4, M3 is amazing.
    E36 in good condition would be my choice of M3, they have way more power than I need and just about affordable.

  • tnycman

    M3 has its own 2 doors doorknob..

  • johnson

    Eco turbo 3.0 liter m3 isn’t a true M3. It has the exact same engine dimensions (bore and stroke included) than the lowest 3 series 335i with a different turbo tune, big deal. It has 100.00 % Artificially Synthesized in-cabin fake engine sound (basically a computer generated sound based on RPM played through speakers like a Sega or Nintendo). It’s a cheat of a m3 produced more cheaply for bigger profits.
    You have to go back to previous gen M3 to see the real thing: V8 NATURALLY ASPIRATED.

  • Mark S

    Before the V8, what was in the M3’s back in the day?

  • TMA-1

    What are disgusting are the side vents on the standard 4 series models, so cheap and out of place

  • Stewart

    Johnson, you should drive both of these cars before you post nonsense.