2015 AutoGuide.com Truck of the Year: Part 2

2015 AutoGuide.com Truck of the Year: Part 2

The Finalists Face Off

The last few years have been especially fruitful for pickup truck innovation.

A half-ton diesel, eight-speed transmissions, tons of new technology and a full aluminum body are just some of the ways in which these workhorses have been changing recently.

If you haven’t already, check out part one of this series to see how we narrowed the competition to just two. In this installment, we are pitting the 2015 Ford F-150 against the new 2015 GMC Canyon for pickup truck supremacy.

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As you might recall from the previous round with all four candidates, this isn’t a head-to-head comparison. We are looking for the truck that pushed furthest ahead in the context of its own segment.

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  • ClubRacer

    Right on Ford. Congrats!

  • Felix James

    This is pointless. Why compare HDs and half-tons and the rest in the same category?

  • John

    lol “ridiculous.” This isn’t just a silly meaningless award from a website, don’t get your panties all in a bunch..

  • ZX-10R

    As usual Autoguide gets it all wrong. The Truck of the Year is the CMC / Chevy small truck solution. They infused some light in a bleak segment and have done so with class leading looks, performance, and results.

    Motortrend got it right so far.

    Autoguide = LOL.

  • Truckin

    It’s easy to innovate and be top dog when your competition is horribly outdated. What’s tough is revamping the best selling vehicle on the market to outperform the most competitive set of pickup trucks.

  • BahamaTodd

    I would expect random clueless commenters to gripe about the price of the Canyon, but I would have expected better here. You know the Canyon is the premium version and the model you tested has most of the options checked. You also neglected the $61,500 price tag of the F150. Makes the Canyon look like a steal! Making the Canyon any smaller would do very little to lower the price but instead it would most likely hurt sales. IMO the Colorado and Canyon are the perfect size truck for the majority of truck buyers. I’m sure they’re both excellent trucks and it all comes down to the buyers needs.

  • ZX-10R

    Yeah Autoguide is so slanted in their reviews that often I find their reviews almost against the grain on purpose. Price is always a reason to factor in. If you can get 2 trucks for the price of one you already are literally halfway through the battle.

    Autoguide get the emos out of the review section and get some drivers in there…These reviews here are so far off at times, that you guys are starting to look a bit inexperienced.

    This web page design is garbage also. Ever look at Autoweek and Autoblog…Ah yes, the poor reviews are where where the focus should be.

  • cigarboxguitarguy

    Why not compare the Tesla S to them? Makes as much sense as comparing a F-150 to a GMC Canyon that’s half the price, and 2/3rds the size. Both are great trucks, neither really compete against each other. But, neither do the 3500HD or Power Wagon. Half-ton buyers, 3/4-ton buyers and 1-ton dually buyers are not looking for the same things in a truck. What a bunch of maroons. The whole thing is silly and meaningless to buyers of these trucks.

  • JW

    Fine, you like the F150, I’m sure it’s great. You really prove what kind of bias AG ha by omitting the price of the Ford. It’s like you knew the whole write up would be considered bogus otherwise…

  • Bill_KKKlinton

    Bias….. It stinks of Bias …….The F-150 Is as butt-faced age ugly as 1st lady Michelle Hussein Obama ( on a good day when s(he) isnt talking or eating…..

    Did they bring the turbo V8 to compare it to the 3.6 LFX GMC Canyon
    Most-likely they did

    That canyon looks like the Sierra, I like the look now Im wanting on a Denali – trimmed version
    ( A chip off the ol’ block ) The F-150 Is a freaking full sized truck ( Oh I forgot that they Killed off the piddly weak-saused 3.0 ranger 7 yrs ago HA HA HA
    Even Dodge cant compare to the Canyon , they killed off the dakota truck

    The Colorado/Canyon are perfect for the majority of truck buyers. The R&D team hit the nail square on the head The GMC is perfect IMO Looks great cant wait for a Denali to come along( then I can trade in my Terrain Denali

  • Hoots

    You’re missing the whole point. They’re the best trucks in each segment competing. It’s not a head-to-head comparo though. Think about it: for Car of the Year they have Porsshes and Toyotas competing. Obviously they’re not compared against each other.

  • Hoots

    They’re biased because they don’t agree with you. Thanks for coming out.

  • Jeff T

    Ignore all these people whining autoguide. I think the review was fun and different. Seeing as every auto review journalist will compare the half tons in the next couple of months it was enjoyable.

  • cigarboxguitarguy

    Clearly they are when they say they chose the F-150 as their truck of the year, over the GMC Canyon. That’s a caparison with a result. My 12-year old gives better reviews of the go carts he rides at the state fair. By the way, he thinks the seats are mushy and the steering is vague on the Lowes painted car, but the M&M car is spot on and brilliant. Try to get that one if they come to your town.

  • John

    Is it just me or is a 61K dollar truck just a bit ridiculous…just saying. I’ll take an 05 or even an 85 cash.

  • ZX-10R

    Believe me Autoguide is horrible for for reviews…I actually test drove the GMC Canyon this weekend and if it were out in March 2014 I would have gotten the GMC Canyon fully loaded instead of the Grand Cherokee…I would have saved 8K which would have gotten me a dirtbike or new sportbike.

    Autoguide get your reviewers inline and or at least know how to be unbiased.

    The F-150 is not the truck of year by a huge margin based on price and the performance associated with it.


  • Stephen Elmer

    It comes down to what you get for the money. For $38K, our Canyon was reasonably well dressed up, but it still felt pretty basic. What we were really trying to point out though was the large price crossover between this truck and its half-ton siblings.

    Yes, the Ford we had was VERY expensive. But for that price tag, you get a long options list, including massaging seats, exterior spotlights, the 360-degree camera, side steps, power running boards and of course the aluminum body. If you drop some of the more posh options, the excellent dynamics of the truck still exist.

    What it came down to, and what is always most important with trucks, is driving/towing dynamics (In the write up, I made it seem like price was a deciding factor for the GMC’s loss. It was a consideration, but not the most important one). In this area, we felt like the Ford took things much farther than the Canyon did. The GM products feel like exactly what they are, shrunken down Silverados/Sierras (which isn’t a bad thing, but certainly nothing special). The Ford is not only all new, but it feels like something fresh in the half-ton segment, offering excellent loaded feeling and exceptional power.

    And, at the end of the day, a $61,000 may strike you as ridiculous, but the growth of high-end luxury pickups has been massive in the last few years. So very expensive half-tons are quickly becoming the norm.

    Hope this helps you understand our decision.

  • smartacus

    the guy who commented to you is an Autoblog troll and he just resurfaced again today on the Dieselgate article