2015 Toyota Camry

Sep 22 2014, 12:40 PM
2015 Toyota Camry
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Fast Facts:

1. Americas best selling car is getting a makeover for 2015 with all new body panels (except the roof)

2. The 2015 Camry will likely sport the same engine and power train choices as the last generation model, but will be stiffer thanks to added spot welds.

3. 2016 models may ditch the V6 for a more fuel efficient turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

3. Toyota also increased track width by almost half an inch and added 1.8 inches to the body’s overall length.

4. A new trim premium level called XSE is available which adds sportier amenities inside and a more aggressive exterior appearance.

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GALLERY: 2015 Toyota Camry


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