2017 Ford GT

Jan 16 2015, 10:47 AM
2017 Ford GT
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Fast Facts:

1. This lightweight supercar is the next GT from automaker Ford.

2. Its EcoBoost V6 engine makes over 600 hp, and is mated to a seven speed dual clutch transmission.

3. Set to go into production in 2016, the car uses a carbon fiber passenger cell that will need to be fitted for drivers.

4. While the passenger cell is made from cabon fiber, the front and rear sub-frames are crafted from aluminum, making this car very light-weight.

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GALLERY: Ford GT Official Photos

All-NewFordGT_01_HR (1).jpgAll-NewFordGT_03_HR (1).jpgAll-NewFordGT_04_HR (1).jpgAll-NewFordGT_06_HR.jpgAll-NewFordGT_08_HR.jpgAll-NewFordGT_02_HR (1).jpg

GALLERY: 2017 Ford GT Live Photos

2017-Ford-GT-16.JPG2017-Ford-GT-14.JPG2017-Ford-GT-3.JPGAll-NewFordGT_04_HR (1).jpg2017-Ford-GT-18.JPG2017-Ford-GT-11.JPG


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