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Lotus began as a constructor of racing cars, and has a long history of success in Formula 1. Maker of the awesome Esprit and Elise in the past, the Lotus Evora is the only vehicle currently sold in North America.

Lotus founder Colin Chapman was a pioneer of using lightweight technology to win races – even at the expense of his drivers’ safety. Chapman and Lotus also invented modern aerodynamics with their Formula 1 cars, but their road cars have often been assembled with equal parts ingenuity and scavenging from other car makers parts bins. Despite this, their products have remained iconic, with the Elan, Europa and Esprit still held in high esteem.

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2014 Lotus Evora
2014 Lotus Evora
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$68,480 - $79,980 17/26 mpg
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  • 2012 Lotus Evora S GP Edition Review 2012 Lotus Evora S GP Edition Review
    Limited edition Evora S GP Edition adds style, exclusivity and value.
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  • 2011 Lotus Evora S Review 2011 Lotus Evora S Review
    Its engine might have humble Toyota origins but everything else about the Evora is exotic, from its looks, to its handling. And just so you’ll never confuse it with a Porsche, it’s even got a few quirks.
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  • 2010 Lotus Evora: First Drive 2010 Lotus Evora: First Drive
    Larger and more luxurious than the current lineup of Elise and Exige model, Lotus goes mainstream with its new Evora sports car – in the sort of niche-market hard-core way it knows best.
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  • 2010 Lotus 2-Eleven Review 2010 Lotus 2-Eleven Review
    There’s only one thing wrong with the 2-Eleven; you can’t drive it on the street.
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  • 2008 Lotus Elise SC 2008 Lotus Elise SC
    Anyone who’s familiar with Lotus and its founder Colin Chapman will no doubt also recognize its famous “to add speed, add lightness” mantra. And adding lightness is something Lotus has done extremely well with the 2,006 lbs Elise SC, but does adding a supercharger change the driving the experience in a meaningful way?
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Lotus Exige S Roadster to Drop its Top this Summer
Despite being unveiled last year, the Lotus Exige S Roadster has been missing in action ever since. That will all change this summer, as the British automaker has confirmed it’ll be heading to dealerships – at least in Europe. The fastest convertible Lotus has never...

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  • Lotus Exige LF1 Pays Tribute to Formula 1 Success Lotus Exige LF1 Pays Tribute to Formula 1 Success
    Lotus has unveiled yet another special edition Exige model. Limited to 81 units, the Lotus Exige LF1 pays tribute to the British automaker’s Formula 1 team, which came in fourth overall last season. There’s also significance to the 81 units, as each numbered car will...
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  • Lotus Resolves Legal Dispute With Former Boss Lotus Resolves Legal Dispute With Former Boss
    Lotus and former CEO Dany Bahar are no longer preparing to lock horns in London’s High Court. The company dropped its claims against Bahar as did he of the Lotus. Bahar was fired from his position at the sports car manufacturer for what was seen as poor financial...
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  • Lotus Names New Chief Executive Lotus Names New Chief Executive
    Long in the wake of former Dany Bahar’s controversial dismissal as the English sports car manufacturer’s chief executive, owner Proton is naming a new CEO. Jean-Marc Gale, 51, comes to Lotus from being the CEO of the European Association of Automotive Suppliers....
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  • Titanium Could Help Lotus Build Even Lighter Cars Titanium Could Help Lotus Build Even Lighter Cars
    Titanium, it’s both light and strong… and pretty expensive. But the benefits may out-“weight” the tradeoffs for Lotus, as the premium sports-car builder is exploring the dusty silver-hued metal for use in its vehicles. Supposedly by switching to titanium the company has...
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  • Our Top Cars for a Long Term Commitment or a One-Night Stand Our Top Cars for a Long Term Commitment or a One-Night Stand
    Love is in the air; either that or exhaust fumes mixed with a whiff of burnt transmission fluid. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day and people around the world are hugging, kissing and handing out heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. But how boring is that? This holiday is a bigger...
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  • Lotus Recovery Underway: Exec Lotus Recovery Underway: Exec
    The recovery process for Lotus has begun as the automaker has started cutting costs and expanding sales. Last year, the British automaker’s sales increased 86 percent in its U.K. home market while export sales, especially to China, have also improved. Lotus currently has a...
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