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The Smart Fortwo has been a smash hit in Europe, but failed to gain a foothold in America outside of major urban centers.  The tiny two-seat vehicles and their underpowered engines may not be the right fit for the United States, but the city cars continue to be sold here, and have found an audience looking for an ultra-compact car that’s easy to park and easy on gasoline. This year an all-electric Fortwo joined the line-up.

Conceived as a partnership between Swiss watchmaker Swatch and Mercedes-Benz, the original Smart Fortwo debuted in 1999 with both gasoline and diesel power, but the first exports didn’t arrive Stateside until 2007. Grey imports trickled in from 2004, but Penske Automotive did not get an approved distributorship until 3 years later.

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2015 Smart fortwo
2015 Smart fortwo
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$13,270 - $17,930 34/38 mpg
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  • 2013 smart electric drive Review 2013 smart electric drive Review
    The smart car is arguably one of the automotive industry’s biggest letdowns. It’s a classic example of over promise and under deliver, with Daimler billing the tiny two-door as a fun and funky urban runabout, but instead selling the most miserable form of transportation this side of a rickshaw. But what about the newly available electric drive model? Is it equally depressing or is it actually worth a test drive?
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  • 2009 SMART fortwo Review 2009 SMART fortwo Review
    The Smart fortwo is one-in-a-million. Sure there are other cars in the same price range (or even lower), but none offer the premium appeal of this micro-car.
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2015 Smart Fortwo, Forfour Teased in New Video
Smart has released a new video that showcases the major differences in the next-generation of ForTwo and ForFour.  Over the last few years, Smart has released quite a few concept cars foreshadowing exactly what we will see when the new car is unveiled, likely at the 2014 Paris...
  • Smart Car Recreates Classic Video Game, in Real Life Smart Car Recreates Classic Video Game, in Real Life Smart knows exactly how electric cars are perceived by the general public; as small and economic vehicles that you buy to save money on gas. But opinions can be changed, and Smart staged a clever marketing event which aimed to prove that acceleration and performance are also...
  • Smart Argentina Shows Off Innovative Twitter Flip Book Ad Smart Argentina Shows Off Innovative Twitter Flip Book Ad The Smart fortwo can fit in some pretty small places, but can it fit in a 140-character Twitter post? It certainly can, as seen on the Smart Argentina twitter page.  An advertisement made up of 455 individual tweets shows the Smart strolling downtown in a neat looking virtual...
  • Vilner Transforms Smart ForTwo Vilner Transforms Smart ForTwo Dubbed Square Style, the tuners over at Vilner has transformed Smart’s ForTwo to interesting new heights. Originally commissioned for a Bulgarian businessman for advertising purposes, Vilner is now willing to offer this transformation to all those interested in making their...
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  • Smart Fortwo Gains Style, Comfort, Real Transmission Smart Fortwo Gains Style, Comfort, Real Transmission
    There’s a new smart for two coming and that’s great news.  The old model is wildly popular in Paris where space seems to be at a higher premium than gold bouillon, but let’s be honest for a minute: it’s the German equivalent of a Japanese micro hotel. It’s tiny and...
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  • July 2014: Sales Winners and Losers July 2014: Sales Winners and Losers
      It’s that time of the month again, folks. For a collectively painful but short period of time, manufacturers are putting their usual press release repertoire to the side, instead focusing on what really matters: the almighty dollar. Of course, we’re talking about...
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  • Next-Gen Smart ForTwo Brabus Spied Testing Next-Gen Smart ForTwo Brabus Spied Testing
    German tuning company Brabus is already preparing a more powerful version of the freshly revealed Smart ForTwo.  Our spy photographers managed to snap some pictures of the upcoming Smart ForTwo Brabus out testing on public roads, identified by its dual exhaust setup. The car...
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  • 2016 smart fortwo, forfour Debut With Dual-Clutch 2016 smart fortwo, forfour Debut With Dual-Clutch
    Smart just debuted its new fortwo and forfour city cars at an event in Berlin marking the return of a four-seat car to the brand. Daimler developed the new generation of cars in conjunction with Renault, retaining the rear-engine setup from previous fortwo models. The forfour and...
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  • New Smart ForTwo, ForFour Leaked New Smart ForTwo, ForFour Leaked
    The next Smart ForTwo and ForFour are scheduled to be revealed later today, but images of the cars meant to showcase their JBL speaker systems are revealing them early. The speaker company created a bespoke sound system specifically to fit into the small cabin spaces, but the...
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  • 2015 Smart Fortwo Sketches Released 2015 Smart Fortwo Sketches Released
    A brand new generation of Smart car will be unveiled tomorrow, and the company has released a set of sketches to preview what the cars look like.  A more conventional two-box design has been applied to the new Smart Car, which now has a more pronounced hood. The new Smart Fortwo...
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