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Tesla is pioneering the American development of electric vehicles, and founder Elon Musk went as far as to purchase a factory to build the brand's Model S luxury sedan. Tesla’s first effort, the Tesla Roadster, was somewhat crude, but provided massive thrills in a working package and proved that the idea of an American-built electric car could be not only feasible, but fun. The Model S has been a moderte since day one.

Tesla was founded by PayPal executive Elon Musk, and their first vehicle, the Tesla Roadster, was a re-worked Lotus Elise that proved to be just as fun, not to mention substantially quicker in a straight line. With Roadster production ending, Tesla is introducing the Model S sedan, their first all-original design.

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2015 Tesla Model X
2015 Tesla Model X
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2015 Tesla Model S
2015 Tesla Model S
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2016 Tesla Model X Spied in Public
Tesla is busy preparing its third vehicle to reach the market.
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