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Mazda enters the electric vehicle world with the MX-30 EV. A city commuter electric crossover, the MX-30 features half rear doors similar to those once featured on the RX-8. Currently the MX-30 is only available in configuration with a 143 hp motor powering the front wheels.

But Mazda is about to launch a model with a range extending, gas powered rotary engine in Europe. If it will make it North America is yet to be confirmed.

Best Electric SUV: Testing 8 New EVs

The world of electric vehicles can be confusing for first time buyers. New vehicles are being introduced all the time with unusual names. Just about every major auto manufacturer has joined the party, and in a variety of sizes.

To help consumers sort through the various offerings, we’ve gathered eight all-electric mainstream SUVs. Instead of our usual head-to-head comparison, we’re offering more of a segment overview as to what each of these options bring to the vehicular table.

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Mazda MX-30 vs Mini Cooper S E Comparison: Big Style, Small Range

Let’s take a trip back to 1999 for a moment.

GM reveals an upgraded version of its EV1 using NiMH batteries, which can now travel 105 miles (169 kilometers) on a single charge.

It’s not the first electric vehicle to exist by a long shot, but EV tech has come a long way in the 22 years since.

Fast forward to 2021 and we have Lucid making cars that’ll go a claimed 520 miles (837 km) in one shot. At the other end of the range spectrum though, there are cars like the Mazda MX-30 and Mini Cooper SE with a driving range in the mid 100s. The usual marketing spiel claims those of us that live in big, congested cities don’t need a long range anyway, since all we’re doing is going to work and picking up groceries from up the street. In that scenario, smaller batteries attached to smaller price tags make a ton of sense for the urban dweller, so these city runabouts should be plenty useful.

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Detailed Specs

Price$34,110 - $37,120
MotorSingle Motor
Power143 hp
Torque200 lb-ft.
TransmissionSingle-Speed Automatic
Efficiency (city/hwy)98 MPGe / 85 MPGe
Cargo Capacity 21.0 cu ft. Staff Staff

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