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Our Rating3.8/5
Price $44,545 - $75,245
Engine2.0-liter turbo 4-cylinder + hybrid / 2.0-liter turbo and supercharged 4-cylinder + hybrid / 2.0-liter turbo and supercharged 4-cylinder + plug-in hybrid
Power247 hp / 295 hp / 455 hp
Torque 258 lb-ft. / 310 lb-ft. / 523 lb-ft.
DrivetrainFWD / AWD

The XC60 is one of Volvo’s most important models. The compact SUV accounts for a lot of the brand’s sales and is offered in three trim levels: the B5, B6, and Recharge. All three models use a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with various levels of turbocharging, supercharging, and hybrid boost.

The top Recharge model makes an impressive 455 hp and 523 lb-ft of torque; numbers not found amongst many compact luxury SUVs.


Engine Performance, Ride/Handling Balance, Bowers & Wilkins Audio System


Lack of Hard Buttons, B Pillar Blindspot, Wind Noise

Bottom Line

Not an ordinary everyday SUV, it’s something more. Just the way Volvo likes it.

2022 Volvo XC60 B6 AWD Review: Doing Things Differently

Volvo marches to the beat of its own drum.

The brand doesn’t care what the rest of the industry is doing. Conformity isn’t in the Swedish manufacturer’s vocabulary. Volvo is going to do things the Volvo way; there is no compromising. The 2022 Volvo XC60 B6 AWD is a prime example of this.

The ignition switch? It’s a spring-loaded dial on the center console that is twisted to the right to turn the engine on and off. The key fob, like most in the industry, is a flat rectangular piece of plastic. But instead of the lock/unlock buttons being on the top and bottom, it is completed blank. These functions are controlled by little buttons the thin side of the fob, like a smartphone.

And then there is the engine. When presented with the choice between turbocharging or supercharging the brand’s 2.0-liter four-cylinder unit, Volvo simply responded with yes. That’s right, a turbocharger and a supercharger have been applied to receive the best of both worlds, the instantaneous low-end grunt from the supercharger and the high-end power from the turbocharger.

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BMW X3 vs Volvo XC60: German Performance, or Swedish Style, Which Crossover Is Right For You?

For our latest specs comparison, we’re taking another look at the compact luxury crossover class.

Car manufacturers are making big investments in this vehicle category, and it shows in the sheer number of models available if you’re shopping for a small upscale SUV.

This time around, our competitors are the BMW X3 and Volvo XC60, a matchup that pits a German juggernaut against a stylish Swede.

To this comparison, BMW brings its reputation for high-performance vehicles in a lineup that includes two trims bearing the brand’s highly regarded M motorsports badge.

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Audi Q5 vs Volvo XC60: Which Compact Luxury SUV is The Better Upscale Value?

The compact luxury crossover SUV class is where you’ll find some of today’s best-selling upscale vehicles thanks to the combination of practicality, flexibility and driving pleasure they offer.

For this comparison, we’re lining up the Volvo XC60 and Audi Q5 to see how Sweden’s sole model in this category holds its own against one from a German brand that has mastered the art of luxury vehicle design.

The Volvo XC60 benefits from its maker’s reputation for safety, and Volvo has also positioned itself as a leader in plug-in technology among the industry’s established upscale carmakers: the XC60’s plug-in hybrid is one of the compact luxury crossover segment’s strongest performers.

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Volvo XC60 Vs Volvo XC90: Which Volvo SUV Is Right For You?

It can be argued that no automotive brand in the North American market has evolved in the past 30 years as much as Volvo.

In the early 1990s, the bestselling Volvo models were clunky, brick-shaped sedans and wagons with cabins that were mostly lined with rubber-coated foam. The basic shape of their cars remained unchanged from the 1960s into the 1990s and during those years, the brand was best-known for its drab design and incredible durability.

Fortunately, the Volvo brand today is nothing like the company from the 1990s, showcasing cutting-edge technology inside and out, with premium appointments and a sleek, elegant design. Today’s Volvo lineup is filled with proper luxury models, including sedans, wagons, and SUVs. Two of the most popular modern Volvos are the XC60 and the XC90, with these two roomy SUVs showcasing everything that the brand has to offer. These two models offer all of the premium features that you expect from a luxury SUV, but they cost quite a bit less than the competitors.

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Detailed Specs

Price $44,545 - $75,245
Engine2.0-liter turbo 4-cylinder + hybrid / 2.0-liter turbo and supercharged 4-cylinder + hybrid / 2.0-liter turbo and supercharged 4-cylinder + plug-in hybrid
Power247 hp / 295 hp / 455 hp
Torque 258 lb-ft. / 310 lb-ft. / 523 lb-ft.
DrivetrainFWD / AWD
Fuel Economy (city/hwy/plug-in)21-23 mpg / 27-30 mpg / plug-in 63 MPGe
Cargo Capacity17.1 cu ft.

Our Final Verdict

Volvo XC60



Quality & Styling7.0
Value7.0 Staff Staff

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