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2013 Ford Focus ST Pricing Leaked: $23,700

According to a leaked spec sheet, Ford‘s upcoming Focus ST global hot hatch will start at $23,700 ($24,495 with the $795 destination charge). Since its inception, Ford’s former Global Performance Vehicles chief Jost Capito intended for the Ford Focus ST to be at the top of its class, “We want to have the best hot hatch…

Disney Reveals Revamped Epcot Center Test Track Amusement Ride

Having renewed its long-term business relationship with GM, Walt Disney Land has renovated, or “re-imagined”, an older test track feature at Epcot for a more up-to-date experience. With an atmosphere that combines Tron themes and the appearances of a development lab, the new ride incorporates a new design center concept that allows visitors to design and…

Gold Porsche 911 Redefines Gaudy in Russian Showroom

A Russian car dealer is redefining the word ridiculous by offering a gold-plated Porsche 911. Rather than going the slightly more popular route of gold chrome wrapping, this example features 44 lbs of gold plating instead, with etchings on the metal designed by respected Russian artist, Denis Simachev.

Porsche Offers Custom Facebook Timeline Cover Picture

Can’t find enough ways to proudly display your love for Porsche? The German luxury company suggests you try a banner. Once again showing its prowess for engaging its fans, Porsche has introduced a new app on its Facebook page, allowing users to create their own Porsche themed Facebook timeline cover picture.