David Traver Adolphus

David Traver Adolphus

Commerce Editor Send a tip After completing a degree project in automotive design, Dave wrote and photographed for almost a decade in print car magazines (remember those?), before transitioning to digital. He now subjects a series of old high-performance cars to the roads and weather in Vermont and wonders why they're always expensively broken. Please stop when you see him crawling under one on the side of the road.

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US Legalizes Adaptive Headlights That Won’t Blind Other Drivers

On February 1, 2022, the Deputy Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Steven S. Cliff, signed Regulation Identifier Number 2127-AL83. That’s a lot of bureaucracy for something that’s going to change the way we drive at night forever, because RIN 2127-AL83 makes adaptive headlights legal. The 327 page document, which was published on February 15, is…