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Jeff Voth

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2011 Aston Martin Rapide

A 4-door sports car, the Rapide is, first and foremost, a luxury machine, with a serious price tag for those who put being unique at the top of their shopping list.

2011 Bentley Continental GT Review

There’s only one thing wrong with the 2011 Continental GT, and that’s that Bentley so seamlessly meshes performance with luxury that the car has earned a reputation as a luxury sports coupe, rather than the true exotic is really is.

2011 Infiniti M37, M56 First Drive

Infiniti’s all-new M is finally a serious rival to German competitors thanks to a stunning new look, powerful engine options, a luxurious cabin, improved driving dynamics as well as some great standard and optional features.

2010 Toyota Camry SE V6 Review

With a slight redesign for 2010, the Camry now gets a more aggressive look to match the SE model’s improved driving dynamics and powerful, optional V6 engine.

2010 Honda Civic Si Sedan Review

As the practical version of the Civic Si, we take the Si Sedan for a long-term test to see if the car’s sporty high-strung nature goes from asset to liability.

2010 Ferrari F430 Spider

With Ferrari’s F430 Successor, the 458 Italia, on the horizon, we take the drop-top Spider for one last rip before it’s relegated to the history books and the used car lots.
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