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Matthew Guy

Contributor Send a tip Living in rural Canada, Matthew has immersed himself in car culture for over 30 years and relishes the thought of a good road trip. A certified gearhead, he enjoys sharing his excitement about cars and is very pleased to contribute at AutoGuide. Matthew is a member of Automotive Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC).

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Trying to make sense of new car prices can feel quite intimidating. There’s a base price, options list, rebates, incentives … and what’s this about destination and delivery? But fear not, we’re here to demystify the basic elements which comprise the price of a new car.

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How to Test Drive a Car

Whether it’s taking a used car out to make sure everything’s working correctly or simply trying on a new car to make sure you and the family fit properly, test driving a vehicle is a key part of warding off disappointment.

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A low credit score is a far more common problem that can adversely affect your ability to buy a car. In this article, we help you figure out what bad credit is and how you can work around it to procure your new set of wheels without breaking the bank.

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