Revealed: Aston Martin One-77


While Aston Martin isn’t releasing any more information on its upcoming supercar, the One-77, the British automaker has provided full images of the mysterious beast. If you recall, Aston Martin did bring the car to the Paris Auto Show, where it sat in a prominent position. With the exception of a small portion of the front of the car, however, Aston kept it under-wraps. Visible then was a headlight and a somewhat oddly shaped intake. This strange shape worried us as it’s unlike any previous Aston Martin design. Our fears that Aston designers might have botched the project have now been put at ease with these latest photos. The One-77 is stunning and looks every part the supercar that Aston claims it is. With a 7.3-liter V-12 engine, an all aluminum body and a carbon fiber chassis, the One-77 will be an historic supercar. It even has an historic asking price… $2.1 million.

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I bought my leased BMW 335i, but just because I couldn’t stand to give it back.