Viper-Powered Challenger SRT10


Most manufacturers displaying at SEMA gave a few different tuner shops their latest and greatest car and let them go wild on it… but not Dodge. And with an in-house group of experts like the ones at the company’s SRT (Street and Racing Technology) division, who needs to. SRT engineers were tasked with building a high-performance variant of the new Challenger and they did not disappoint. As though the Challenger SRT-8’s stock 425hp, 6.1-liter HEMI engine were not enough, the SRT team decided to stuff the Viper’s big V10 under the hood. Making 600hp and 560 ft-lbs of torque, this is one badass machine. But the boys over at SRT didn’t stop there. The Challenger SRT10 gets a Tremec TR-6060 six-speed manual transmission with Viper gear ratios, a four-inch steel drive shaft mated to an aluminum differential with a 3.73:1 final drive and a limited slip differential. Handling has been improved due to Bilstein shocks and the rear of the car, in particular has been firmed up with a larger sway bar and 20 percent stiffer springs. The SRT team is known for producing vehicles with exceptional braking capabilities and the Challenger SRT10 is no exception. It has six-piston front calipers with 15.4-inch rotors and four-piston rear calipers with 14-inch rotors. On interesting feature is that SRT engineers designed a system that senses lateral acceleration and will prime the brakes in anticipation of a braking zone. The Challenger SRT10 also gets an aggressive new look with 20-inch wheels, a carbon fiber hood and a carbon rear spoiler. That spoiler and the front lip have been designed to give incredible amounts of useful downforce – something the SRT team figured out when building the Viper ACR. While the Challenger SRT10 is only a concept it is likely to see production. After all, Dodge built the Ram SRT10 didn’t they?

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Challenger_SRT10_Concept_001.jpgChallenger_SRT10_Concept_002.jpgChallenger_SRT10_Concept_003.jpgChallenger_SRT10_Concept_004.jpgChallenger_SRT10_Concept_006.jpgChallenger_SRT10_Concept_007.jpg Dodge Showcases 2009 Viper-powered Challenger SRT10 Concept In Addition, Seven New Mopar® Underground Vehicles Displayed at SEMA • SRT “one-ups” pony car war to a new level of enthusiasm and race-inspired performance • The return of the shaker hood with a Dodge Viper V-10 engine — 600 hp and 560 lb. ft. of tire-decimating performance • Mopar Underground drops the top on Challenger convertible concept • Mopar Underground design team pulls the stops on two of Dodge’s hottest new vehicles Las Vegas , Nov 4, 2008 – Chrysler is smokin’ at SEMA. Dodge Challenger SRT 10 Concept The opportunity for SRT engineering to “one-up” the modern-day pony car war comes to fruition with the 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT10 concept. Power for the 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT10 concept comes from the Dodge Viper 8.4-liter, all-aluminum V-10 engine with 600 horsepower and 560 lb. ft. of torque. This new halo concept car delivers the well-known SRT credo of benchmark performance. The 2009 Challenger SRT10 concept was developed by Chrysler’s in-house performance engineering organization, Street and Racing Technology (SRT) with a focus on the five pillars of every SRT vehicle: bold exterior design that resonates with the brand image, a race-inspired interior, world-class ride and handling across a dynamic range, a standout powertrain and benchmark braking. “The 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT10 concept resurrects authentic American muscle car for the Dodge brand,” said Kipp Owen, Director — SRT, Chrysler LLC. “SRT has engineered a superb example of performance engineering capability with a resourceful and creative flare.” At the heart of the 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT10 concept is the proven Dodge Viper powertrain — a V-10 engine with 600 hp and 560 lb. ft. of torque. The driveline is comprised of a Tremec TR-6060 six-speed manual transmission with Dodge Viper gear ratios. The torque routes through a single-piece, four-inch steel drive shaft to an aluminum differential with a 3.73:1 final drive and torque-sensing limited-slip. With 600 horsepower comes the need for benchmark braking, one of the pillars of SRT. The Dodge Challenger SRT10 concept features an SRT-engineered braking system. All four corners are equipped with silver painted Brembo fixed calipers that feature six pistons in front and four pistons in back. Two-piece 390mm vented rotors are up front and 355mm vented rotors are in the rear. The SRT-exclusive braking system includes knockback mitigation software for even better track response. The system recognizes lateral acceleration and effectively primes itself, anticipating the next brake application. The 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT10 concept is equipped with a significantly re-tuned version of the 2009 Challenger SRT8 suspension, featuring a multi-link short- and long-arm (SLA) front suspension with BILSTEIN® mono-tube shocks at all four corners. The front suspension cradle combines hydroformed steel tube side rails with a stamped box section lateral member to provide the appropriate level of stiffness. The stiffness is tuned to avoid the transmission of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) into the passenger compartment. In the rear, a five-link independent suspension (IRS) with 20 percent stiffer spring rates and a larger rear sway bar offers a better ride by allowing for independent tuning of ride and handling characteristics. Multiple links maintain independent control of camber and toe during suspension movement. Lower unsprung mass offers a better ride and the de-coupling of left and right wheels over road imperfections maintains better tire contact with the ground and results in better ride comfort. Multiple bushings in the IRS offer the flexibility to tune for ride and comfort. In addition, stabilizer bar attachments to the knuckles provide maximum response to vehicle lean. The 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT10 concept rides on unique 20 x 9-inch and 20 x 10-inch fully-forged Alcoa aluminum wheels wrapped with Pirelli P-Zero 275/35R20 tires in the front and Pirelli P-Zero 275/40R20 in the rear. The Dodge Challenger SRT10 concept exterior features a fresh coat of Tornado Red paint and unique forged aluminum wheels. The shaker hood is a nostalgic representation of the 1970 HEMI Cuda giving the 600 hp V-10 room to breathe and the driver an incredible view of the torque lean of the engine. To reduce weight and complement the vehicle’s appearance, a carbon-fiber hood and deck-lid were added. Also, carbon-fiber aerodynamic treatments were developed to keep the car on the track at high speeds. Using technology learned from the Dodge Viper ACR, a front splitter and rear spoiler were engineered to enhance down force and maintain overall vehicle balance. A race-inspired interior includes leather seats with added bolstering and red-stripe stitched accents on the seats and steering wheel. Four-bomb gauges with tachometer and 180-mph speedometer keep an eye on vital signs. The Dodge Challenger SRT10 concept also comes equipped with SRT’s exclusive Reconfigurable Display (RCD) with Performance Pages. This system provides drivers instant feedback on zero-to-60 mph, 60-to-zero mph braking, g-forces and 1/4-mile times. Carbon-fiber accents are throughout the interior and of course, the Dodge Challenger SRT 10 Concept inherits the red, dash-mounted, push-button starter from Dodge Viper. SRT performance vehicles, including the Dodge Viper SRT10, Dodge Caliber SRT4, Dodge Charger SRT8, Chrysler 300C SRT8, Jeep® Grand Cherokee SRT8 and the Dodge Challenger SRT8, are engineered by Chrysler’s in-house performance organization: Street and Racing Technology.


Tom Donohue says:

They need to do something to the Challenger. This concept looks lower and wider. The 2008 models appear to me to be thrown together. Black with Carbon fiber looking hood makes it cheap. The front end of the car makes it’s looks and the back needs to be equally as exciting. But don’t go cheap. Paint the hood a plain colour before you add an imitation carbon fiber.

jaz says:

im buying one for sure!!!! keep up the good work srt!!!

Benny Furgeson says:

This is a beautiful car. If they build it, it will be out of my price range, but maybe if?? I sell my AAR Cuda, 66 Dart, Harleys, and gun collection, I Might just swing it!!!
I guess time will tell.