1,109 hp Mansory Modified Bugatti Veyron


Mansory has once again outdone itself, this time modifying a Bugatti Veyron. Alterations have been made in every area, including engine work and the interior.

The supercar will be officially unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show in March but pictures of the wild machine were snapped at Prestige MCars Abu Dhabi – Mansory’s Middle-East partner.

On the outside the vehicle gets a significant makeover thanks to plenty of new carbon fiber body panels. Up front new LED light bars were added and the large frot nose of the beast now plays home to a stylized V shape. The V is for Vinceró, the name of this specific range of Mansory modifications for the Veyron. Along with a new carbon fiber hood, the Mansory Veryon also gets a carbon fiber front splitter.

The rear of the vehicle has also been significantly redesigned with two large carbon fiber peices. The engine cover now features larger openings to help keep the Veyron’s engine cool and a new carbon fiber diffuser has been added to reduce lift in the rear of the car.

As mentioned, the Veyron gets a boost in power – all the way up to 1109hp. Torque is also up significantly to 966 ft-lbs.

Mansory even went so far as to design and build a new set of forged aluminum wheels.

As for the interior, well, you just have to see it to beleive it. We’re not sure if they let Spiderman loose in there or what.



Rob says:

Best looking Veyron I’ve ever seen…. kudos to Mansory. I don’t dare ask the price!!!!
OK OK … how much???

bugatti fan 555 says:

it cost 1,500,000 mil.