Ferrari 250 GTO: 45th Anniversary at Infineon Raceway


Thanks to our friends at we have a nice collection of photos from the ultra-exclusive invite-only 45th Anniversary celebration of the Ferrari 250 GTO. The event was held by those champagne gurus at Moët & Chandon at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA. Apparently the event was so exclusive that being a Ferrari owner didn’t automatically mean you got an invite. Only the “best customers” of the Parncing Horse were allowed to gander on this gathering of 250 GTOs.

The 250 GTO is known to be the most valuable Ferrari in the world, with an auction price estimated at $14- to $20-million. This might even be somewaht of an understatement as in 2008 a British buyer purchased the 250 GTO that formerly belonged to Lee-Kun-hee of Samsung for £15.7 million. (That’s $21.7-million U.S.).

One of the reasons for the high value of the 250 GTO is how few were ever made. In fact, between 1962 and 1964 Ferrari produced just 36 of the 296hp V12-powered sportscars.

We don’t have exact numbers on how many vehicles were there (the pictures would suggest at least 14) but according to our “invited guest” at Luxury4Play, many famous owners were in attendance including Ralph Lauren and Nick Mason of Pink Floyd.


[Source: Luxury4Play]

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