FIAT in Talks with Chrysler


In recent months we have heard about a Chrysler merger with General Motors and then a possible merger with Nissan/Renault – now the struggling automaker has apparently entered into talks with FIAT.

As General Motors and Ford begin to source their European operations for small fuel-efficient vehicles Chrysler is facing being shut out of the market as the company has no such European operation to rely on. The talks with FIAT could see the Italian maker of such vehicles as the 500 and Linea take hold of a portion of Chrysler in return for access to an already existing line of platforms, engines and transmissions from the notoriously compact Italian carmaker.

[Source: AutoNews]

FIAT Linea:



Byron says:

There is some synergy here. You could go to work in the morning in your Fiat and have it delivered home by a Dodge tow-truck in the evening.

Byron says:

And your mechanic could buy an Alfa with the disposable income his rental fleet of Chryslers would produce.