GM’s “Heritage Collection” Rejects Go On the Block at Barrett-Jackson



On January 13th at the Barrett-Jackson auction you will be able to buy a piece of General Motors history – and the company certainly hopes you do. GM has made the decision to sell off 250 rare vehicles to not only create some much-needed revenue, but also to reduce upkeep costs. Apparently each vehicle in GM’s “Heritage Collection” costs the company $2,000 a year in upkeep and storage costs.

According to a report in Business Week the vehicles marked for sale are those that the current executives aren’t big fans of, and we can’t blame them.

For starters, the list includes a 2003 Chevy Aveo Xtreme in bright green with all sorts of Fast & Furious add-ons including a big brake upgrade and 17-inch rims. Possibly worse is a 1989 Geo Metro Zonker, which features all sorts of extras above and beyond a standard Metro. GM estimates they may only get as much as $5,000 for this car. Another dud is the 2004 Saturn Ion Red Line. Arguably it’s not a terrible car with a 205hp supercharged Ecotec engine but those who really want one don’t really need to go to Barrett-Jackson.


The most notorious vehicle going up for auction is a 2001 Pontiac Aztek – the epitome of poor automotive design. Shockingly GM still plans to get at least $20,000 for this monstrosity.

Other bizarre creations include a 1986 Presedential Limo that was used in the film The American President staring Michael Douglas. Topping that is a 1998 Popemobile that was never used by the Pope. GM expects to sell each of these creations for at least $75,000.


The list also includes a 1955 Buck Centry Bolero, a 1918 Cadillac, a 1960 Chevrolet Impalla (Snoop, we’re looking at you), a 1970 Cutlas SX and a 1996 Buick Blackhawk.

One surprising item might just be the Solstic Jazz from the 2007 Transformers movie. GM expects it to fetch $50,000 but it could go for far more if the right buyers are interested.


GM’s Heritage Collection Rejects:


[Source: Business Week]


keith crawford says:

I’m trying to find out more about the ’06 DTS Cadillac Custom Platinum bought at Barrett Jacjson at Palm Beach.
Who do i talk to? VIN# 1GK6KD57926U100037
I’d be grateful for any information I can get from you. Keith

tammy says:

Im looking at a 2006 Cadillac DTS PLattinum that came thru your auction 2009. Can you tell me anything good or bad about these cars?