Lotus Plug-in Hybrid Coming

In an interview with the Financial Times, Lotus CEO Michael Kimberly said that Lotus is working on a Hybrid and that the vehicle could be ready as early as March. And March just so happens to be when the Geneva Auto Show is… and Lotus never passes up an opportunity to unveil something in Geneva.

The car will be Hybrid or, more specifically, a range-extended EV… much like the yet-unreleased Chevy Volt.

Using an electric engine, battery packs and a gasoline engine, the car would run primarily on electric power – switching over to a conventional Hybrid system once the juice runs out.

This would be an interesting move for Lotus, as until now the company has donated the chassis for two other EVs, the Dodge EV and Tesla Roadster.

There is speculation that Lotus is looking to General Motors for help but it is more likely that they will continue to work with Toyota.

As for the platform, we expect the new Evora will provide the base for Lotus’s EV, as hybrid philosophy and the idea behind the Evora as an every-day sportscar mesh quite well.

[Source: Wired from Financial Times]

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