Mitsubishi to Show i MiEV Sport Air Concept in Geneva

Mitsubishi plans to continue to promote its i MiEV electric vehicle by launching a more performance-oriented version of the micro-car at the Geneva Auto show this March. Called the i MiEV Sport Air, this concept car is an effort by Mitsubishi to explore the fun side of green motoring.

The iMiEV Sport Air will feature a similar drivetrain to the existing electric car, with a lithium-ion battery pack that is situated in the floor to give the car an excellent center of gravity and, therefore, plenty of handling fun. For the Sport Air,  Mitsubishi intends to up the output of the electric engine to appeal to those who want to go green.. fast. Much like it’s micro-sedan counterpart, the Sport Air will be a zero emissions vehicle.

In terms of design of the Sport Air, Mitsubishi has only released this sketch and said that the car will feature a “clear cutaway” top for open air motoring.

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