Nissan GT-R SpecV Official Video


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As we reported yesterday the new GT-R SpecV is now an official reality and today Nissan release a short video of the car testing at the Nürburgring.

According to staff, who were at the official unveiling of the car at Nissan HQ in Japan and who spoke with Chief Engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno, the SpecV will get an “overboost” function that will deliver added mid-range torque for 80 seconds – ideal for passing on the racetrack.

More information is also available on the SpecV’s carbon ceramic brakes. Not only will the new disks be lighter than stock but they will also be larger measuring 15.35-inches at each corner.

See our original article on the GT-R SpecV for more info and a gallery of photos.


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John says:

Nissan should consider using the GT-R tech platform to build a true supercar under the Infiniti brand. Given that there will be no Honda NSX, and it looks like Lexus may not produce their supercar, why doesn’t Infiniti step up to build a “non-boy-racer” supercar using GT-R guts