Ferrari 599 HGTE to be Unveiled at Geneva Auto Show

According to a report on Driver’s Republic, Ferrari will unveil a special HGTE version of it’s 599 GTB flagship at the Geneva Auto Show in March.

Ferrari has produced HGT versions of both the 575 and 612 in the past. The “E” will apparently stand for Evoluzione.

The 599 HGTE will feature a more aggressive front grille (similar to the F430 Scuderia), three-piece 20-inch wheels, a more aggressive tire package and new exhaust outlets. Power should remain the same but expect the exhaust modifications to give the car an even louder growl.

To better work with the new wheels and tires, the suspension system will receive some tweaking, including stiffer springs and anti-roll bars. This setup will be integrated with the Manettino, which will feature new settings.

We expect HGTE models to cost roughly $25,000 more than the standard $302,000 asking price.

[Source: Drivers Republic]

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