Honda Sells its 300,000th Hybrid, but is Still Playing Catch-Up

Honda can now proudly boast that it has sold 300,000 hybrid vehicles.

The 300,000 mark may sound like an impressive number but that is not only global sales but cumulative. Toyota Motor Corp. sold 241,405 hybrids in the U.S. alone… last year!

Honda does expect to increase sales significantly over the next few years with the launch of the Insight, which will go on sale in Europe and North America in March. Honda expects to sell 200,000 Insights globally each year, with 100,000 units in North America, 60,000 units in Japan and 30,000 units in Europe.

With an average of 30,000 Civic Hybrids Honda sells in the U.S., that would bring the total U.S. sales to 130,000 hybrid units annually – roughly half of Toyota’s hybrid sales.

Honda intends to increase its hybrid market penetration in 2010 with the launch of a sporty hybrid based on the CR-Z concept.

Full Honda Hybrid worldwide sales after the jump:

Honda Hybrid Sales by Model/Region (as of the end of January 2009)
Model Region Start of Sales Cumulative Unit Sales
Insight Japan Nov. 1999 2,340
North America Dec. 1999 14,288
Europe Mar. 2000 392
Total 17,020
Civic Hybrid Japan Dec. 2001 22,899
North America Mar. 2002 191,493
Europe May. 2003 34,757
Asia/Oceania Feb. 2004 5,514
China Nov. 2007 280
Others May. 2006 306
Total 255,249
Accord Hybrid North America Dec. 2004 28,471
Total 28,471
Total Unit Sales of Honda Hybrid Models 300,740