Ireland’s Most Wanted: Wreckless Polish Driver Mystery Solved


For years in Ireland a sort of shape-shifting beast has been busted for reckless driving time and time again. A Mr. Prawo Jazdy, a Polish man, has appeared in police reports and in the Irish Police’s database 50 times and yet the man has never been brought to justice or appeared in court.

And then there’s the shape shifting thing. Every time Mr. Prawo Jazdy is listed in the police database he appears to have a different height and different weight.

According to a report from the Irish Police, the mystery is somewhat of their own making.

You see, Prawo Jazdy isn’t a man. Not ONE man anyway.

And more accurately, Prawo Jazdy isn’t even human.

The word’s “Prawo Jazdy” are actually Polish for “driver’s license.”

For year’s Irish police have been pulling over different Polish visitors to their country and incorrectly writing down the Polish for “driver’s license” as the individuals’ name.

[Source: BBC News]

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Prawo Jazdy Chuj says:

Ha ha ha, the problem is that Garda never checks for more documents. People trust too much in this country.
They should have samples of documents from different EU countries with description of each, to check their validity, or is it fake and etc…